Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The mainstream media has a double standard?

From Breitbart.

The networks obsess over Romney's high school pranks, and you can expect the man to get a high-tech colonoscopy from now until November.

But the mainstream media had and has no interest whatsoever in Obama's close relationship with Franklin Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn, Tony Rezko, and Jeremiah Wright.

In fact, Obama's decades-long work in the Chicago Democrat mob has gone largely unexamined.

The MSM does many things, but this double standard is just cheap advocacy, not journalism. 


  1. The Breightbart article admits “almost all of the media dutifully report the facts” but the MSM did not “create a news narrative”. It’s as if there whining that the MSM isn’t enough like Fox, which is in the business of creating news narratives at the expense of dutifully reporting the facts.

    The piece on Romney had multiple named sources that corroborate each other, and was very much in keeping with the highest journalistic standards. The Contrast between this real journalism and the heavily edited, fraudulent, narrative creating, “citizen journalism” of Brietbart’s partisans couldn’t be greater.

    At my 20 year High Scholl reunion I felt compelled to apologize to a guy I tormented in the seventh grade, and I still feel remorse for having been cruel all those years ago.

    Romney was the scissor man in the assault. I find it absolutely incredible that he can’t remember leading and participating in a repugnant act of violence. Maybe all his bulling just kind of blends together in his mind so he can’t remember any one victim or incident, or maybe he’s just a cruel vicious liar.

    I’ll save my attack on Mormonism for another day.


    1. "I’ll save my attack on Mormonism for another day."

      Your "attack" on Mormonism? Well that's honesty. So you're admitting now that you attack people's religions? Now we're getting somewhere, KW. At least you aren't giving us the usual line of bull about how you don't really have a problem with anyone's faith, BUT...

      There's always a but.

      Can we put you down as an anti-Mormon bigot?