Sunday, August 2, 2015

Looks like Bruce is in for another transition...

Caitlyn Bruce Jenner looks to be preparing to transition not only from a man to a "woman" but from a conservative to a liberal.

That's a lot of surgery for her him to go through-- a sex change and a lobotomy.

Hillary speaks at white supremacist gathering

White Hispanic supremacist gathering, to be more exact.

La Raza means "The Race". It is a racist organization. Democrats love it. Democrats have always sought their votes from racists. Racial hate and fear is the core Democrat get-out-the-vote tactic (--for live voters. Dead voters seem to vote Democrat without the need for enticement).

Can you imagine the response of the MSM if a Republican gave a speech to an organization called "The Race"?

The Left has no sense of irony

What's wrong with this headline: Black caucus brings diversity push to Silicon Valley.

The Caucus is not exactly a rainbow.

If you see the irony, you're a 'racist'. 

Cecil, Cecile, and America's apex predator

Kevin Williamson on the Left's outrage over the killing of Cecil the lion and its complicity in the killing of millions of babies:
Cecil the lion gave the Left a great gift: The death of the African apex predator at the hands of Dr. Walter Palmer, an American dentist, has driven the North American apex predator — Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood — off the front page for a moment. Not all harvesting is equal in the eyes of the American chattering class.
The Left freaks out about killing a lion or a baby seal or a delta smelt. But killing 60 million babies and selling their organs--it's a right, don't you know, guaranteed in the Constitution, somewhere.

Depravity, undistilled.

Fight the Left, everywhere and without ceasing. Its depravity knows no limit. 

"the pope is not an anti-capitalist"

Fr. Juan Carlos Scannone, mentor of Pope Francis when the Pope was a young priest:

“He doesn’t criticize market economics, but rather the fetishization of money and the free market,” Scannone said. “One thing is market economics. Another is the hegemony of capital over people.” 
Francis’s split from Argentina’s more left-leaning clergy would define much of his career as a Jesuit. But at the Colegio Máximo, he lived his beliefs — and set an example for others — by practicing a politics of humility, austerity and actions over words. 
“He would wake up early and do the laundry before the staff arrived,” said Mario Rausch, a Jesuit brother who still lives at the college. There were several poor neighborhoods nearby, and Francis would walk across muddy fields to celebrate Mass there on weekends. Then he would return to cook huge meals for the whole college. He slept in a small room with a simple, wood-frame single bed.
I am second to none in my hatred for Marxism. Marxism is raw evil and is the ideological root of most of modern totalitarianism. Marxists should be sought out and kicked out of academic and polite society. They are the moral equivalents of Nazis.

Pope Francis is no marxist. He was known as a conservative in Argentina, and he opposed liberation  theology as Jesuit master and archbishop of Buenos Aires.

Francis' call--so beautifully elaborated in Laudato Si--is for using our gifts, and particularly our economic gifts, to serve the least among us. It is right and noble and what the Church, as the Body of our Lord, is called to do.

Capitalism entails much spiritual danger--greed, envy, gluttony, sloth and idolatry-- and it is particularly dangerous because, unlike socialism, it works. It genuinely produces prosperity. No one who lives in a socialist culture loves it forever--socialism always fails, always leads to misery of a very tangible form. But capitalism is a narcotic, because it actually makes us comfortable and prosperous, and it seems not to lead to the kind of economic catastrophe that is inherent to socialism.

The Pope's warnings about capitalism are on target. I might stress the evils of socialism more than he has, but I'm not the pope, so I'll do my stressing as a faithful son of the Church.

Conservatives need to get a grip and understand just what the Holy Father is saying. Just because we (rightfully) detest Marxism doesn't mean that capitalism isn't without serious dangers.

Can the United States survive without Planned Parenthood?

It would be a close-run thing, it seems:
A 2012 study by George Washington University professors examined five counties in Texas and found that Planned Parenthood was the “dominant” provider in those areas. The study found that other clinics would need to increase their capacity by “two- to five-fold” in order to handle Planned Parenthood’s patients, but were already at or close to capacity.
Yikes. PP is so essential to women's health that ladies would be dying left and right if we shunt down America's Abortion Mill.

If global warming doesn't get ya, closing Planned Parenthood will. It's a consensus.

Actually, it may not be so bad:
it may be that federal support and subsidies for Planned Parenthood has had the effect of squeezing smaller providers out the markets where they dominate. Furthermore, the passage of ObamaCare was supposed to offer even broader choices by forcing everyone either into a comprehensive insurance plan or onto Medicaid. Women, especially poorer women, shouldn’t have only an abortion mill for their health care, and the government shouldn’t subsidize them and crowd out other potential providers.
Yea. Planned Parenthood is like Walmart-- a behemoth that moves into town and crowds out other providers. The analogy would be exact if Walmart not only sold retail but also killed several hundred thousand children each year and sold their organs (at the lowest price!).

Actually, there doesn't seem to be much truth in the scare:
According to the Government Accountability Office, the roughly 1,200 community health centers in the U.S. serve over 21 million people per year. Planned Parenthood, by contrast, serves 2.7 million people.
“These are comprehensive health care centers, something that Planned Parenthood is not,” said Mallory Quigley, a spokeswoman for Susan B. Anthony List.
Closing Planned Parenthood may actually improve women's health care, at least for the 150,000 baby girls who won't have their skulls crushed each year.

And Cecile Richards' health care might improve as well--the federal prisons have quite good health services.  

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Boycott the Boycotters

It seems the anti-Semites in the BDS movement are feeling some of the heat they are trying to inflict on Jews:
[BDS anti-Semites] have turned themselves into societal laughingstocks, bizarre caricatures of disgruntled parasites on society who have lost the respect of just about everyone outside of their relatively small academic circles. You act like clowns, but express shock when people treat you like clowns... On what ground do the academic boycotters of Israel claim their own academic freedom if they are so quick to deny it to others? Because they think they are right? What if the people who want to boycott the boycotters believe just as firmly in their own correctness?
Boycott the boycotters. If you hate Jews (and the BDS movement is pure Jew-hatred), we don't want you in our universities, we don't want you teaching our kids, and we don't want you in polite society.

BDS anti-Semites need to be called out, labeled, kicked out of academia and banned from society of decent people, which is precisely what they're attempting to do to Jews.