Sunday, July 17, 2016

Breaking news: Democrat GOTV is again a proven success


Democrats deliberately stir up racial hate and fear before every election, because they need more than 90% of the black vote and a huge black turnout in order to win at the national level.

Democrats lie about racial violence, and inflame it for political gain. Scum.

It's hard to imagine anything lower. Democrats have blood on their hands. 


  1. "Democrats lie about racial violence"

    According to Theodore, we have the solution for racial violence: segregation!

    When you read this stomach-turning racism, remember 3 things:
    1. Vibrant = Black (obvious from the context)
    2. Theodore and Michael love each other (BFF!)

    An excerpt:
    "The evil myth of racial equality in America could only survive so long as vibrants were a mostly segregated minority, whose predilections and general dyscivicism were hidden from the white college students who only ever came across the vibrant best and brightest. The Civil Rights movement, which some conservatives still foolishly lionize, was a disaster for the USA; not as historically cataclysmic as the Immigration Act of 1965 or the combination of no-fault divorce and legal abortion, but a disaster nonetheless."


  2. Still alive and kicking, aren't you backfire?

    The lowest thing I can imagine is the depth of your cognitive dissonance.

  3. Pepe,

    The lowest thing I can imagine is the depth of your ignorance.

  4. But yours goes even lower and deeper!

  5. Pepe,

    I was wrong. The childishness of your replies goes even lower.

    Anyway. I only returned here because someone at Steve Novella's blog 'Neurologica' (in response to Egnor's numerous inane comments) noted that he'd posted a new thread on his blog.
    I predicted that it would be a short lived revival, since he doesn't have the intelligence to maintain a blog, and I was right.
    Why did you return?

  6. backfire, I can see that you still suffer from intellectual flatulence!

  7. Pepe,
    I can see you still suffer from terminal infantilism. If it was any worse, you wouldn't be able to communicate.


  8. You can't overestimate the depth of his ignorance.What party just nominated a man for presidential candidate who calls Mexicans thieves and rapists? Who wants to ban the immigration of muslims? Who's entire campaign is about division and fear?

    Yes, Lincoln was a Republican, but the party went down hill from there.

  9. Sadly, the recent attacks on cops was predictable. It is human nature for people to fight against injustice. And, unfortunately, a small few will use violence in a misguided attempt to get justice.

    Time and again, incidents occur where young black men are seriously injured or killed by police unnecessarily. This is bad enough. But what makes it worse is that the police involved never suffer any long term consequences for there actions.

    1. Your thesis is NOT supported by the statistics, and by extension, the facts ...

  10. Just one question, backfire.

    Are you the guy who founded the 40-watt club?

  11. Hello Dr. Egnor,

    I've been reading your blog a bit. Found you from Novella's blog, where I'm a frequent poster (you might remember me!). Was hoping for a more recent science post - I really enjoy the ones I've read. Will be looking out.

  12. For your entertainment:

    That was a response to your post on "Why Aristotle and Aquinas?"

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