Thursday, August 18, 2011

John Cleese explains materialist brain science

John Cleese finds a gene "that make some people believe that every piece of human behavior can be explained away mechanically"and a gene "that makes you want to punch people in the head when they take the scientific process and subject it to their pathological literal-mindedness."


  1. lol John Cleese is awesome XD! I love comedy and science married together ... especially if it criticises science XD...

    C'mon Bach SHow up and curse me for making FUN of SCIENCE XD!!!

  2. LOL Edward.
    I love this guy too. Been a favourite of mine for years.

  3. Monty python was sort of before my time. So I never got the hardcore of their fame, but everything I see from them is jus hilarious. And John cleese hahahahah he is just awesome.

  4. Edward,

    Have a look at 'Life of Brian' and 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'.

    They're hilarious.

  5. As far as I am concerned, Cleese can ridicule the “God gene” and the reductionist explanation of the world, and he should direct the punch in the head to the new atheist chapel!

    This video should be required viewing in all schools…

  6. hahahah Bach I had saw the Holy grail once... the DARK KNIGHT PART ahahahah is like a instant WIN! XD

    Life of Brian ... not yet.

  7. Edward,
    ALL the python films are good (also see meaning of life - WARNING Gory/Bloody scenes for younger readers), but the series was the tops. In fact, if it is Cleese you like have you ever seen Fawlty Towers? It's probably his best work IMO. he plays an Inn Keeper a running farce style comedy. Good stuff.

  8. hahashaa I will check more stuff about them eventually. I love Comedy XD, is like my relief.

  9. CrusadeRex,

    I sort of liked 'Fawlty Towers' but not as much as 'Monty Python'. I found a lot of the humor disturbing in the way Manuel was being constantly put down, cruelly.

    I did love the 'Death' episode, with Basil attempting to hide the possibility of his killing one of his guests with a spoiled kipper and moving the body from room to room with disastrous consequences, till he finally flipped out and hid in a dirty clothes basket which was carried off and put in the back of a laundry truck with Sybyll calling 'Basil, Basil, BASIL, ...!'. Reminds me, I must watch it again.