Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gay scouts were never "banned".

Boy Scouts To Allow Gay Youths, Rules To Eliminate Sexual Orientation As Youth Membership Criterion

I was a cub scout, a webelos scout, a boy scout, a leader of an explorer post, an assistant scoutmaster, and my two sons have been scouts. I worked for a summer as a teenager at a Boy Scout camp. I know a lot about scouting.

Gays were and are everywhere in scouting. There are gay teens, gay scoutmasters, gay administrators. Millions of gays have passed through the scout ranks during the past century. They have not been harassed. And they have been, overwhelmingly, fine scouts and scoutmasters and administrators.

In my scout summer camp, two of the scout leaders on staff were obviously gay, as was one of the administrators. Everybody knew. Nobody cared. They were good men, and did a good job.

The Scout ban on gays was never enforced in any meaningful way.

But the ban was very important, and a very good thing. The ban was an affirmation of a moral code, like the Scout requirement that boys participate in religious activities is an affirmation of a moral code. The Scouts never investigated people for their sexuality or their religiosity, but a certain decorum was expected. Decorum is a very good thing.

It was a fine version of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", and it has worked remarkably well for a century.

So why did the Scouts officially ban gays, but never actually ban gays?  The ban was like a brush-back pitch in baseball. A warning. Don't bring your sexuality into scouting. The "ban" was a good check against imposing a sexual agenda on boys. Scouting was about learning to build a campfire and sharpen an axe and tie a bowline. Not about learning to put on a condom or to be open to the gay (or straight or whatever) lifestyle.

The real ban was on the gay agenda, and there was a corresponding ban (unwritten but quite firm) on the straight agenda. Sexuality was simply not a part of scouting. School, not scouts, is where your twelve-year old will learn to put a condom on a banana.

So this breaking news-- "The Ban is Lifted!" is a diversion. There never was an enforced "ban" on gay scouts. This action lifts no real ban on any boy.

But it does lift the ban on gay propaganda and proselytizing and the mound of steaming excrement that is the gay agenda.

This atrocity will ultimately sexualize and politicize a fine organization that has protected young boys from this crap for a century.

The lavender totalitarians now have their nose under the tent door. It looks like it's working out well in the military. Why not try it on kids?

Parents who want their sons to have a refuge from the erotic sewer our culture has become will have one less option. 


  1. The ultimate denial: there was no ban, it was ineffective, and it was a good thing they were banned anyway.

    Lest the onlookers accuse me of putting words in Egnor's mouth, here are his own words:

    Gay scouts were never "banned".

    The Scout ban on gays was never enforced in any meaningful way.

    But the ban was very important, and a very good thing.


    1. I made the situation very clear. There are millions of gays who have been in scouting at all levels, without any adverse action taken against them.

      The ban was on paper, an early and very effective version of 'don't ask don't tell'.

      What part of that crushingly obvious point don't you get?

    2. Adm. G Boggs, Glenbeckistan NavyJune 6, 2013 at 3:40 PM

      Any part, apparently. ;-)

  2. I was a Scout from age 11 to 18; I made Eagle rank and was inducted into the Order of the Arrow.

    What you've said in this post matches my experience.