Thursday, February 19, 2015

Another Hillary Clinton foreign policy triumph

ISIS releases video of 21 Christians being beheaded-- in Libya

Hillary is utterly responsible for the catastrophe in Libya. Of course, the press is too busy on pressing matters of national policy to ask Ms. Clinton how she feels about the outcome of her Libya policy.

The MSM is going to have a spin-fest for the 2016 election. Making Hillary look like anything but the worst secretary of state in American history (at best) and a paid agent of the Muslim Brotherhood (at worst) is going to call for Herculean efforts at deception.

In a related matter, the press is fanatically doubling down on its efforts to hold Scott Walker accountable for his opinions on evolution that he didn't express.

Please pray for these innocent men who were murdered, and for all of the innocent Christians and others who are dying at the hands of Islamic monsters who have been empowered by our government. 

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