Monday, February 16, 2015

Divest this

The little Himmlers at UC Davis have been busy:

Last night, the student government at the University of California at Davis voted in favor of a resolution to divest from corporations profiting from Israel’s occupation.
In a landslide vote — eight voting yes, two against and two abstaining — the student government at UC Davis recommended that the University of California system’s governing body divest from Caterpillar, G4S, Veolia Environment and Raytheon.

I'm all for divestment. Since the USA is a collaborator with the Zionist Entity, divestment from the federal government would seem imperative. The federal government should cut all funding to the UC system. We sure don't want the UC volk to be stained by Zionist money.

Cut off all federal funding for campuses in which elected student representatives vote for BDS. You want divestment? You got divestment. 


  1. Seems like some of the deliberations for this despicable vote would qualify as hate speech. I wonder why there were not repercussions for the offending students?


    1. I would like to see repercussions. I used to be a strong advocate of tolerance for opinions like this, but I have come to believe that we need to fight back hard against this. These people are anti-semites and should be excluded from decent company, if one can call a UC campus decent company.