Friday, July 31, 2015

Is Planned Parenthood donating or selling baby parts?

A recurring meme of abortion defenders is that Planned Parenthood is not engaged in selling organs of the babies they've killed, but is merely donating the organs and taking money just to cover cost.

That is a misunderstanding.

Donation means to provide free of charge. When I donate clothing to my church, I drop it in the bin and drive away. I don't go to the parish office and ask for reimbursement for my costs--for the cost of the clothing and cost of gasoline.

Selling is the provision of a product or service in exchange for money. The money may be below cost, at cost, or at a profit. It is the exchange of money that makes something selling rather than donating.

Planned Parenthood sells baby parts. It takes money for them. It sells them.

Now, does Planned Parenthood profit from selling baby parts? The answer is almost certainly yes.

First, both the Planned Parenthood "doctor" and one of the companies to which PP sells its wares mention "a little extra" for the clinic, which means profit. Which means felony.

In addition, the videos are about haggling over price. Now if I am selling at cost, I don't haggle over price, because cost is not negotiable. Cost is what it is. If it costs me $27 to kill a baby, I just tell the company that wants the parts what my cost is, and they pay me or not. There is no haggling because cost is fixed.

The videos are all about haggling, and thus are obviously not about mere cost. They are about profit--" a little extra for the clinic".

The videos are straight-forward confessions of felonies.

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