Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Perhaps a quick peek at Zimmerman's defense

Bob Owens has an enlightening post on what I suspect will be (more or less) Zimmerman's side of the story in his trial.

Note several points made by Owens that have been deep-sixed by the media (if Owens' statements are accurate). Zimmerman passed a rough lie-detector test at the police station, and there are two witnesses who place Zimmerman under Martin and being beaten during the confrontation.

Why don't we see this side of the issue in the media? I'm not saying it is true, I'm saying that there is an obvious deliberate effort by the media to make sure we don't hear it.

Just as astonishing is the insolence of the media. They obviously don't even care if they get caught spinning the news in ways that inflame race hatred. There is a real ugliness here, that transcends even this terrible killing.

Perhaps we're just noticing media manipulation of our news that's been there for a long time. But I sense that we have passed a threshold. The media doesn't seem to even care about getting caught any more.

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