Monday, September 7, 2015

Wonder why Ben Carson is missing in liberal polls?

Jazz Shaw:
Yesterday we took a look at that new NBC News / Marist poll out of New Hampshire and Iowa which had the cable news talking heads all excited for a few hours. It was a pretty good poll as these things go and certainly contained plenty of information relevant to the current state of the race heading into the next GOP debate. But having had a while to ponder the findings I noticed something odd. They’re polling pretty much the entire relevant field in both parties when it comes to the primary battles, but when they go to the hypothetical matchups for the general election, isn’t there somebody missing?
Just as a reminder, they put up the allegedly full results on for Iowa and New Hampshire. As you’ll see toward the end of the questionnaire they matched up Hillary Clinton and her chief contender, Bernie Sanders. Those are natural choices, of course. (They tossed in Biden as a wild card in some spots since he’s drawing a lot of headlines this month.) And they put them against Trump which is also a no brainer since he’s the frontrunner pretty much everywhere. But where is the matchup between Hillary and Ben Carson? Or any Democrat and Carson for that matter? The guy is in a virtual tie with Trump in Iowa in some polls (22% in this one) and ranks very high among the rest of the field in New Hampshire. 
Instead, they skipped several slots in the Iowa GOP standings and pitted Clinton against… Jeb Bush? You skipped the guy raking in 22% of the support to go with the guy polling at 6%, folks. What’s up with that? And to top it off, instead of going with Bernie Sanders, you next put Trump and Bush against Joe Biden who isn’t even in the race.
Democrats have a long history of excluding blacks from elections--as voters and as candidates. It's no surprise that Carson becomes an Invisible Man now that he poses a threat to the Democrat plantation.

Democrats are terrified of Carson. Terrified. A brilliant, charismatic, honest, conservative, devoutly Christian black man is the Democrats' primal fear. Look what they did to Clarence Thomas--they tried a high-tech lynching that almost worked. 

A few years after the bullshit lie about Thomas and a public hair on a can of coke, the ever morally upright Democrat party elected Bill Clinton to the presidency. 

Democrats haven't devised a stragegy againt Carson yet, so it's better to make him disappear for now. Should he continue rising in the polls--and I think he will--the Party of Slavery and their media servants are going to have to come to grips with their worst nightmare. 

It will probably be very ugly--think Anita Hill with a million times the stakes--but Ben is gonna be hard to lay a glove on. 

The fact that he's been left out of the polling is evidence of the Democrat panic his candidacy evokes. 


  1. Michael,

    Ben Carson isn't getting much notice, because he's rightly regarded as being a non-starter as being a serious presidential candidate. He has no experience in politics or foreign affairs.

    He's a doctrinaire social conservative who only appeals to the more lunatic of the Republican supporter base. He's just as inexperienced and crazy as Donald Trump. Except he's a little more urbane.

    Even if he was nominated, he won't defeat any Democrat candidate. He'd do worse than Mitt Romney in 2012.

    I don't take much notice of your election predictions after you'd predicted the night before the election that Romney was going to win 53:47. Actually, you were very close - except it was 47:53.

    My fairly safe assumption with your predictions is that the result will turn out to be the opposite.

    1. [I don't take much notice of your election predictions after you'd predicted the night before the election that Romney was going to win 53:47. Actually, you were very close - except it was 47:53.]

      I didn't factor in the massive IRS suppression of the tea party. Romney would have won in a fair election. Obama's second term has an asterisk*.

    2. Michael,

      Romney lost despite the enormous support he got from his billionaire friends. Actually, voters are more sensible than you give them credit. Most voters ignore the propaganda masquerading as advertisements.

      It didn't help that Romney displayed disdain for the disadvantaged.

    3. The IRS massively suppressed the conservative vote.

    4. Michael,

      The IRS didn't disenfranchise conservative voters. Republican run States tried to and in many cases did disenfranchise disadvantaged voters they believed were more likely to vote for the Democrats.

  2. [Even if he was nominated, he won't defeat any Democrat candidate. He'd do worse than Mitt Romney in 2012.]

    Carson would destroy any Democrat candidate, even Obama if he weren't term limited.

    No democrat can win with less than 90% of the black vote nationally. Carson would peel off at least 40%, likely much more.

    Carson would mean the end of the Democrat party as we know it.

    The only question is: can he get the Republican nomination. He might.

    1. "The only question is: can he get the Republican nomination."

      I try not to overestimate the intelligence of the average Roght winger, but I don't think even they are stupid enough to elect either him or Trump. But I thought the same about Baby Bush and Ronny Ray Gun.

    2. A supporter of Obama/Biden has no standing to call anyone "stupid"

      Carson is smarter than your are when he's sleeping.

    3. I'm Canadian, I don't support any of them.

    4. Michael,

      What makes you think that there's a correlation between the intelligence of the supporters of a political candidate and the political candidate himself?

      Ben Carson is obviously not dumb. He's a neurosurgeon after all. That doesn't stop him from saying and believing a lot of stupid things. Which applies to you too.

      Ben Carson as President would be a disaster for poor voters. He won't get support from most voters when that's realised.

      It's only poor conservative voters who tend to vote against their best interests by voting for Republicans.

    5. By the way--this will be one of the Democrat memes if Carson gets the nomination.

      They will constantly assert that Carson's voters are "stupid", hoping to shame a few of them and to imply that Carson is stupid without actually saying it.

      "His voters are stupid...wink...wink..."

    6. "Yea, but it's typical of you to assume Carson is dumb because he's a black conservative.


      No, I think that he is stupid because he is an ultra conservative. That makes me a realist.

    7. Michael,

      I 'like' you too. I didn't write that poor conservative voters were stupid. I just wrote that they were the only ones to vote against their best interests by voting for Republicans who legislate favouring the wealthy and removing benefits from the poor.

      Poor conservative voters are deciding their votes for social reasons, such as opposition to abortion. Or on religious grounds.

    8. What is truly interesting here is the implied by Bach's ramblings.

      1. It is against ones best interests to vote on principle.
      2. To vote against entitlements is bad for the poor.
      3. Voting democrat is a vote for elective abortion and restriction of personal rights and freedoms in favour of social engineering programs.
      Fascinating series of concessions through implication.
      A real window into the progressive mind.