Saturday, August 24, 2013

"I'll take your sorrows if you want me to..."

Well you say you got no new dreams to touch
You feel like a stranger babe who knows too much
You come home late and get undressed
You lie in bed and feel this emptiness
Janey don't you lose heart...

I love Springsteen's poetry. This song is one of my favorites. And a darn catchy tune.


  1. Might I suggest to you (the late) Rich Mullins?

    1. Ilion:

      Thanks. I'll check him out.


    2. I think Mullins' lyrics and music will still known a hundred years from now (they certainly ought to be). At the same time, his preachy semi-leftist do-gooder-ism is annoying, especially as it so frequently relies upon strawmanning.

  2. Here is a YouTube video I discovered just now -- Rich Mullins & A Ragamuffin Band - Live From Studio B, South Bend, Indiana 1997 -- "The original broadcast of Rich Mullins & A Ragamuffin Band's performance on the CCM television program, "Live From Studio B", taped at Lesea studios in South Bend, Indiana in 1997. ..."

    I understand that this was taped a few months before Mullins' death. I also understand that Rich (I can call him that, can't I, having had dinner with him before he was famous?) was converting to Catholicism when he died.

    South Bend is my hometown (I now live in Ohio). As one might expect, LeSEA (Lester Sumrall Evangelistic Association) was founded by Lester Sumrall -- under whose ministry, the first time he was in South Bend, my parents met and married.