Monday, September 23, 2013

Who's racist?

James Taranto:

 Who’s the Most ‘Racist’? What a new poll does and doesn’t tell us.

Blacks are more likely (by 7 percentage points) to think most blacks are racist than to think most whites are. Moreover, they are 11 points likelier than liberals (regardless of race) to think most blacks are racist, and 9 points likelier than Democrats. And blacks are 3 points less likely than liberals to think most whites are racist. 
All of which suggests that the people likeliest to believe most whites are racist and most blacks are not are those who are both liberal and white. Which reinforces a point we’ve made often in this column: that a lot of what drives the futile debate over race in America is white liberals’ psychological need to feel morally superior to other whites. 
And to silence them.
Liberal bleating about racism is just race-baiting. It accomplishes a lot for them: it makes libs feel superior, it shuts down debate, it helps them pander.

Racism is still a problem. There is racism against blacks, and it is execrable, although it is much much less pernicious than other problems blacks face, such as family disintegration, crime, corrupt government, etc.

Being called a n*gger is nothin' compared to never knowing your father, being shot in a gang war, and living in a city governed by political gangsters.

Racism is a problem for whites as well. Affirmative action is blatant racism, and interracial crime is overwhelmingly black on white. Whites suffer, and die, because of racism. It's just not p.c. to say it.

And of course racism has soiled our polis in a particularly catastrophic way. We recently elected the worst president in American history, twice, based on his race. The effects of those self-destructive acts of racism will play out in our nation for decades.

Racism plagues America, but not in the way liberals claim.


  1. You're right. Racism did cause America to elect the worst president in American history, twice. Instead of looking for a half-competent Afro-American, who would have been several hundred percent better than the eventual candidate, the Republicans eventually nominated George W Bush.

    Bush ran the economy into the ground, fought two wars on the credit card, including an illegal invasion of Iraq, failed to fund medical treatment and rehabilitation of returning injured troops and oversaw the GFC.

    Not a bad record record for someone with dyslexia and attention deficit disorder.

    1. Adm. G Boggs, Glenbeckistan NavySeptember 23, 2013 at 8:24 AM

      Invoking George Bush is the Idiot's Response to Criticism of Barack Obama.

      Obama's "recovery" is a mired growth rate, rampant crony capitalism, and policy uncertainty that has frozen business investment.

      Hopefully, in 2016 American voters will have the good sense that Australian voters so recently exhibited.

    2. Georgie,

      You need to get out of the bathtub and stop playing with your toy plastic battleships in your delusional navy.

      My comment was in response to Egnor's hyperbole in claiming that Obama is the worst president in history. He isn't. George W Bush was much worse, coming to power in much more benign circumstances and dissipating the advantages so quickly.

      Whether Obama is a good president is certainly open to debate.

      A book recommendation: Matt Taibbi's 'Griftopia'. It's very funny, criticises both Democrats (including Obamacare) and Republicans. If it's not true, it's still worth reading as fiction, just for its entertainment value.

    3. Georgie,

      And anyway, the recent Australian election wasn't a wipeout of the liberal Labor Party by the conservative Liberal Party. Tony ('Mad Monk') Abbott holds a swag of marginal seats. It would have taken just 30,000 people in 11 seats to have voted the other way, and he wouldn't have won the election.

      I've been expecting the Labor Party to lose this election for the past 3 years. To win, they' needed a swing their way. Impossible with the Murdoch press campaigning against them, and for Abbott, for over 3 years.

      And despite this, the Liberal Party didn't lift their primary vote much, with their wins coming from preferences from minor parties.

      One of their policies was to 'stop the boats' with refugee seekers arriving via Indonesia. The immigration minister has announced that refugee boats will no longer be announced as they arrive, so it'll be difficult to know if their policies are working.

      Not that refugees were much of a problem in Australia. Several thousand a year.

  2. Claiming that Obama’s election was racist is racist. You’re effectively claiming that the Obama presidency is yet just another case of affirmative action resulting in an unqualified black man rising to a position of authority. It’s not the country’s misguided love of black people that has led to the problems we’re facing now, it’s the unprecedented obstructionism that has lead Republicans to oppose everything this president has tried to do, including implementing Republican ideas like the health insurance mandate.

    When Republicans continue to refuse to admit the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency, yet in the same breath go on to argue that Ted Cruise is a natural born citizen because his mother was American, the racism is obvious.


    1. Adm. G Boggs, Glenbeckistan NavySeptember 23, 2013 at 8:44 AM

      Racism is when 98-100% of wide sample of voters vote for a person of the same race.

    2. @KW:

      [You’re effectively claiming that the Obama presidency is yet just another case of affirmative action resulting in an unqualified black man rising to a position of authority.]


      And his election was plainly the result of racism (Adm Boggs' point above).

      I have a close friend who is a Lutheran pastor. We have worked together on pro-life causes for years. I saw him the morning after Obama was elected. I was rather upset, and he had tears in his eyes. I told him that I knew how he felt-- we had just elected the most pro-abortion president (a pro-infanticide president) in history.

      My friend was stunned. He was tearful for joy. "We just elected our first black president. This is so wonderful".

      I told him that the man's race was irrelevant. He stood for everything we were fighting against. He didn't care. Obama was black-- that's all that mattered.

      Obama's election was the single most racist thing this country has done since Jim Crow.

  3. A comprehensive poll taken by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal this summer showed that Obama failed in the one area in which even the opposition hoped he would succeed: bridging the racial divide. In the month of his inauguration, sixty-three percent of blacks held a favorable view of race relations in America. By July 2013, those figures had fallen to thirty eight percent, a calamitous decline, rarely addressed, never explained.

    1. But the explanation is obvious. Obama uses racial strife to advance his agenda, and he (and his minions) stoke strife when there's not enough to do the job.

      For Obama, racial strife is a feature, not a bug.

    2. Yes. Where would Obama's mission succeed through racial strife be without, among others, ACORN, the New Black Panthers, Van Jones, Shirley Sherrod and Common?

  4. Bachfiend

    Correction: I read in The Australian that about 50,000 came by boat last year. Some of our towns have population less than 50K.