Friday, February 14, 2014

Americans try to label European countries on a map


  1. I'm intrigued by the part that says >>Okay, in our defense, Europe is really complicated.<<

    Is it really that complicated? I can name nearly all of them.

    The education system just sucks in this country.


  2. My you are easily intrigued.


  3. Europe doesn't matter save as a history of mankind getting everything wrong.
    they and north americans should only memorize about north america.
    The most intelligent people ever in mankind were North Americans.
    Education is for kids not adults. It only reflects kids upbringing mostly.
    All the education in the world will not get the world to intellectually compete with us.
    tHis is in issues like origins North americans are most creationist and anti evolution.
    just as it would be if it was a reflection on intelligence. nOt just a small number of bible believers.
    Its a equation going on here.
    Creationism is a healthy demand for evidence as opposed to servile acceptance to authority. its a healthy scepticism of unlikely conclusions.
    In the future creationism will be another example of north American intellectual superiority.
    A few Brits but not what they used to be.
    Of coarse some australians as Ken Ham demonstrated in the late great debate.
    Memorizing is for kids. Europe and the world must sharpen their wits.
    Maybe contribute some good music too.

    1. If Robert Byers didn't exist, it would be totally worth inventing him.


    2. Hoo,

      Personally, I don't think that Robert Byers actually exists. He's a parody of a very stupid YEC. No one who's capable of accessing the Internet could be stupid enough not to have a Spell Check.