Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Alice-in-Wonderland at the Supreme Court

Breaking: Supreme Court upholds MI ban on affirmative action in college admissions
The first reaction of any sane person is-- great! The Supreme Court is allowing the people of Michigan to make their own state laws. How democracy is advancing!

Obviously the decision is a step closer to a color-blind society, but that gut-wrenching irony is the fact that the Court had to rule on this at all.

The Constitution doesn't merely permit color-blind state laws. It requires them- the Equal Protection clause of the 14th amendment obviously bans race-based laws, as do the Due Process clauses of the 5th and 14th amendments. Laws that mandate racial discrimination-- which is precisely what Affirmative Action laws are-- are obvious violations of the Constitution and of the Civil Rights Act, and are an affront to the American people and to simple decency.

The fact that any judge anywhere would rule that a race-based law is Constitutional, let alone rule that the Constitution requires race-based laws, is mind-boggling. The two "justices" who voted to mandate race-based policy in Michigan should be impeached and removed from the Court.

Our judicial system is a farce. While the Michigan ruling is a slight improvement over the usual Alice-in-Wonderland jurisprudence we have come to expect from the tenured robed frauds on the bench, the very fact that anyone licensed to practice law in the United States would assert that the Constitution mandates racism is evidence of the sham that is American jurisprudence.

So I celebrate this decision, with restraint, painfully aware of the depravity that occasions it. 


  1. Commissar Boggs, Ministry of TruthApril 23, 2014 at 6:34 AM

    High dudgeon:

    Sotomayor read her dissent aloud in the court...

    Now you might not think that's so bad, but...

    At 58 pages, her dissent went longer than the opinion and the concurrences combined


    Can you imagine this twit droning on, and on, and on...

    Typical proglodyte and a caricature of "womyn's" left-wing, identity politics.

  2. In the dictionary of Egnorance, "fraud" means "anything Egnor disapproves of".

  3. I see the old white racists on the Supreme Court have given their old white racist supporters reason to celebrate. If Michigan is like other states that have similar laws I’m sure you’re all enjoying the comfort of knowing that the number of black professionals produced by Michigan State schools will likely drop by 50%. Fighting for a Color blind society only when it comes to school admissions has proven quite effective at maintaining white privilege, and gutting what is arguably the most effective way of addressing racial inequality in this country is a huge win for racists. Congratulations.


    1. I'm with Egnor on this one. Color-blind means color-blind.

      Hoo, the poster child of white privilege

    2. Considering you’re the poster child of white privilege I’m not surprised. You wouldn’t want to give up your spot to a less deserving colored person now would you?

    3. KW:

      Am I a poster child for white privilege?

      Expand on your "criteria" for posterchildhood.

    4. I was born to white parents. That surely makes me a poster child of white privilege.


    5. I guess KW is giving up on the judicial supremacism argument.

      Every time someone points out that the words "separation of church and state" are not actually in the Constitution, he's right there to insist that it doesn't matter because the Supreme Court has said that they are. "The courts have decided..." is the mantra of someone who knows that the Constitution doesn't say what they want it to say.

      Where's your respect for the wise justices of the Supreme Court, KW?

      KW has essentially called all of the justices on the court, save Kagan (who recused herself), Ginsburg, and Sotomayer, "old white racist supporters. Clarence Thomas apparently is an old, white racist supporter. Yes, it is that absurd.

      This isn't racism. It's the opposite of racism. It's the basic principle that people should be judged on their merits. When two kids are competing for the same seat in the freshman class of the college of their choice, they should be judged on merit, not race.


  4. KW - my daughter is half gringo (me) and half latina (her mother). Which box does she check on your government form? Hispanic? Caucasian? Both.

    I guess we need to get those work visas to the former box checkers from South Africa, who, in the days of Apartheid, decided which 'race' you were. They've been out of work for a while now.

    A lot of people TALK about diversity. Some of us PRACTICE it.

    1. Commissar Boggs, Ministry of TruthApril 23, 2014 at 1:44 PM

      One of our best friends emigrated from Africa. She's a white African American with blonde hair and blue eyes. She gets some pretty weird looks when she explains she's African American.

      And here's a Prog nitwit on CNN calling French black youth "African Americans".

  5. Democrats have mistreated black citizens for centuries. The Republican Party was formed specifically to stop that mistreatment, and it continues to work to that goal.

    The Constitution says what it says, and it says that all citizens shall receive equal protection of the law and due process of law. Race-based law in any form is a violation of the Constitution, and a violation of the Civil Rights Act as well. Facts are facts, and this is black-letter law.

    The way to stop racial discrimination is to stop racial discrimination. The most pervasive form of racial discrimination in the US today is Affirmative Action. It is plainly unconstitutional and illegal. There is no actual debate on that issue-- there are merely some people telling the obvious truth, and some people lying.

    As a matter of justice, it is hardly defensible to hold 17 year old white/Asian kids responsible for slavery/KKK/Jim Crow, which happened a century before they were born.

    If collective guilt is your standard, troy, will you hold innocent black people responsible for the (markedly higher) black crime rate in the US?

    You have no argument. You are merely a racist, hiding behind accusations of racism.

  6. "So the US government has mistreated its blacks citizens (and other minorities) for centuries and it seems only fair that the US government should make amends."

    I think what you mean is that the US government has mistreated its black citizens for centuries and it seems only fair that now it should mistreat its white citizens.

    It may not seem fair to you, but what's fair is not supposed to be decided by this court. It's supposed to decide what's constitutional. They made the right decision this time. The tenth amendment, plus the fourteenth, are relevant here.


  7. The US supreme court has no moral legitimacy as they were all selected because of ethnicity and sex. its one third Jewish. How can this court justify Jewish over scoring but deny others?
    Affirmative action is evil but not because people deserve equal treatment.
    in fact they don't.
    the only identity that morally and so legally deserves anything is the original English/British Puritan people and the Anglican english Southern people. Everyone else is a foreign immigrant identity.
    therefore its only the liberal decision of these two peoples to allow immigration and full equality based on citizenship.
    Including , after changing their identity, allowing foreigners to become their identity by heart and birth.
    In short the nation does not belong to mere citizens but too real men of real identities.
    Either you became a Yankee or Southern people of you still are just a foreign citizen with equal rights.
    americans should listen and feel how africans , Jews, Mexicans, irish, all say they deserve the nation as segregated peoples. nOt just as human citizens.
    they are right it is about identity.
    Yet its only the two identities and then a contract with a immigrant.
    It works out however as equal. Yet not actually morally.
    The quota laws are evil because they interfere with Yankees and southerners. The quota laws are only illegal if affecting the others.