Monday, April 28, 2014

Latest dispatch from the Ministry of Truth...

It's Orwell's world:
Sharpton Wants Clippers OwnerAxed: 'Prepared to Rally In Front of NBA' 
"No one should be allowed to own a team if they have in fact engaged in this kind of racial language."

Recovered from the Memory Hole:

Al Sharpton incited a riot with his anti-Semitic language in which a Jewish man was murdered.

Sharpton also incited the murder by arson of eight people in a Freddy's Fashion Mart in Harlem by calling the owner a "white interloper".

The remarkable thing is not that Sharpton is a seething anti-Semite and racist and opportunist.

The remarkable thing is that the mainstream media and the ruling political party celebrate (and employ!) the man, and celebrate him as an opponent of racism.

Orwell wouldn't have included this vignette in 1984, because it would be too incredible to include in a work of fiction.


  1. When I first heard about this Sterling incident and his history of donating to Democratic candidates, I immediately thought of frequent commenter KW and his constant accusations of racism among conservative Republicans.

    When pressed really hard he will admit that Democrats have a racist past but he insists that the parties have "switched." Which isn't really true. Democrats have switched from discriminating against blacks to discriminating against whites. Republicans have remained true to their belief that racial neutrality is the best policy.

    KW doesn't want to believe that this is a form of racism too. He can only perceive racism when the perp is white. It's definition so narrow that it is in fact inaccurate but it is nonetheless the definition that lefty loons like KW cling to.

    Let this be a lesson to you that racism--even the kind that KW acknowledges--still exists in the Democratic Party. It isn't ancient history. Robert Byrd, former Democratic Senate Majority Leader and former klansman, was in the Senate just four years ago. He'd still be there if he'd lived a little longer. The new Democratic Senate Majority isn't much better. He thinks that the president speaks with a "negro accent" that he turns on and off depending upon the audience he's addressing.


    1. Yes David, That’s Warren’s point exactly! The business owner didn’t build that bridge, we all did, and now it’s time for the business owner who takes advantage of that bridge to quit whining and pay their fair share.


    2. Please ignore the comment directly above.

      Turns out Sterling is a registered Republican. Let’s see how many of the right-wing “news” outlets that ran with his contributions to Democrats provide clarifications and corrections (my bet would be none).


  2. Commissar Boggs, Ministry of TruthApril 28, 2014 at 7:07 AM

    "No one should be allowed to own a team if [whatever]"

    What a pompous little tyrant-wannabee "Rev." Sharpton is.

    No one should be allowed to have a TV show who still owes the IRS $2.6 million in unpaid taxes. Too bad the IRS doesn't have enough staff to pursue that case.

    By the way, did you know the "Reverend" Sharpton was "ordained" at the age of 9? Fortunately, he's more often the object of mockery than anything else. He's also big buddies with President Jeebus McLIghtworker, who seems to have a distinct penchant for lunatic preachers who can get the folks all riled up with those stemwinder sermons damning all the crackers and Koreans to Hell.

    But I'll give the "Rev" Sharpton one thing... he's the only televangelist on MSNBC. :-D

    1. Rev. Jess Jesse Jackson is also a fake reverand as is Rev. Martin Luther King. Neither one of the earned a degree in divinity.

      Little John

  3. Commissar Boggs, Ministry of TruthApril 28, 2014 at 7:15 AM

    Daily Truth™:

    There's been a lot of discussion recently about the role of "professional journalists". So I thought it might be useful to showcase some "professional journalism". Watch to the end:

    Here's how it's done...

  4. Regardless of his politics, this racist piece of shit was a businessman operating in California so nobody should be surprised that he gave some money to Democrats. On things for sure, when it comes to race, the Clippers owner is a conservative in the mold of Fox’s latest all American folk hero Cliven Bundy.

    It’s not at all surprising that when we have two instances of blatant anti-black racism in the news Egnor goes out of his way to attack the nearest black man that he can remotely associate with any of it. But he’s not a racist, no, no, he has black friends, just ask him. So have at it conservatards, bash Sharpton and get it all out of your system.


    1. Commissar Boggs, Ministry of TruthApril 28, 2014 at 8:06 AM

      "Conservative California Democrats" and "white Hispanics".

      The linguistic gymnastics Proglodytes engage in to support their inane theories amazes me.

      Here's a choice tidbit:

      Sen. Liweawatha Warren, from her new book:
      I knew what it was like to be afraid, to fear that whatever you had built could be taken away...

      Lieawatha Warren, running for Senate:
      If you've got a business—you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen...

      Gotta love these guys.

    2. Of Course the “you didn’t build that” is referring to roads, bridges, the court system, the monetary system, etc., not the business. Now that Boggs knows this, let’s see if he can refrain from lying with this out of context quote in the future.


    3. Commissar Boggs, Ministry of TruthApril 28, 2014 at 10:13 AM

      Bridges? Glad you mentioned bridges, Popeye Parrot. Explain this:

      The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates (2013) that one in nine of America's bridges are structurally deficient. They also estimate it would take $78 billion to repair them all.

      In 2009, Jeebus McLightworker and the geniuses in Congress appropriated $787 billion for what became known as Porkulus. That was more than enough money to fix every bridge in America, with 90% of the money left over to fund your EBT cards, turtle tunnels in Florida, free tickets to the Hayden Planetarium for Chicago gangbangers, and the million-dollar retirement plans of the teacher unions.

      So why weren't the bridges repaired and dollars spent on the "you didn't build that" infrastructure? Did we really need turtle tunnels that badly?

    4. Commissar Boggs, Ministry of TruthApril 28, 2014 at 10:22 AM

      You know, it just occurred to me... I love planetariums. It would be so much fun attending an evening show with a bunch of Chicago street thugs. I'm sure the language one would hear would be more than appropriate for getting small children interested in space and astronomy.

    5. KW. Without the taxes paid by private entities (You, me, McDonalds, G.M., Staples), NONE of the roads, bridges, court system, etc., would be funded. Without us the government has NOTHING. No money. So we did build it. ALL of it.

    6. Yes David, That’s Warren’s point exactly! The business owner didn’t build that bridge, we all did, and now it’s time for the business owner who takes advantage of that bridge to quit whining and pay their fair share.


    7. No, KW. Business owners and their customers did build the bridges by generating enough wealth that some could be set aside for common purposes. The government couldn't do squat without the wealth generated by the people. You've got it bassackwards putting the government first and the people second.

    8. David, it's always an appeal to authority with atheists, particularly where government abuse is rampant. Now the federal government is trying to encourage the states to put toll booths on interstate highways. They already collect more than enough revenue through their fuel tax racket to repair roads and infrastructure, but the politicians steal it by transferring it into the general fund and then lie to us about not having enough money. You know, administrative costs. Seems they never have enough money despite their taxing everything under the sun. But don't worry. Eventually some sellout will lament being broke and then auction off our highways to foreign investors like they've done with our jobs.

  5. MSNBC has decided that there's a market for outrageous propaganda -- that's all there is to Sharpton et al. This is just another outlandish reality TV show. The only problem with the Orwell analogy is that people have to choose to buy this product and as KW has proven -- there is an audience. They are selling a product to the idiots willing to listen to this vacuous tripe and support their advertisers.Their propaganda is for sale and they have willing buyers like KW for whom the truth of the matter has never been a relevant factor.

  6. Egnor, did you read about how the progressive totalitarian control freaks running Duke U̶n̶i̶v̶e̶r̶s̶i̶t̶y̶ liberal re-education center are attempting to ban certain words/phrases? Check it out (and read the comments).

    1. Commissar Boggs, Ministry of TruthApril 28, 2014 at 9:09 AM

      EBTbagger. I love it.

    2. Michael:

      Duke is a real cesspool. The complicity of the administration and the faculty with the attack on the lacrosse players was a crime.

    3. Wow, I thought conservatives where all for discouraging people from swearing and using coarse offensive language. Why do you want to make an exception for “pussy”, “bitch”, and “homo”?


    4. Commissar Boggs, Ministry of TruthApril 28, 2014 at 10:26 AM

      Are you feeling oppressed, Popster? That's so gay, you big pussy.

    5. No,but by all means keep trying little man.


    6. Yeah Egnor, I know. Apparently Duke isn't fond of due process in a court of law. They've become a communist indoctrination camp in all but name. Since they receive taxpayer funding, they shouldn't espouse political bias nor be allowed to set up "free speech zones."

  7. Commissar Boggs, Ministry of TruthApril 28, 2014 at 10:54 AM

    Oh, that's right. I forgot. You're the ninja love god.

  8. Speaking of Sterling, he is a registered Republican.


  9. Egnor, don't know where else to put this but I thought I'd share the latest example of how "tolerant" atheists are of Christians once they've obtained state power.

  10. there is no anti-semetism. Thats just disqualifying, out the gate, criticisms of jews while everyone else(at least europeanish) can be criticized.
    its all a moral and legal and political mess.
    Americans have not handled this enemy any better then if a Hitler appeared.
    They show their skill and the lack of skill in fighting him.
    first things first.
    he is attacking historical and present moral and practical integrity of Americans(Yankees/Southerners) and other ethnic citizens.
    Take this on.
    demand your innocence as a group until proven otherwise.
    Attack him as a accuser.
    Then question his identity on the same merits behind the accusation right.
    He is not fighting a few people but is attacking all non Africans etc by using a few people.
    He is a foreign immigrant if he says he is not the same people as Americans.
    He rides the liberal ethnic urban consent that Americans have been and are racist and anti semetic and so on.
    These great conclusions must be established in a court of law before they are facts and HE JUST FOUND ANOTHER ONE.
    Then attack his claim that punishment is to be done outside of the laws of the land.
    One could correct without firing.
    It shows again how big mouths can really take over society's.
    If america can't stop this then don't wag your fingers at old europe.
    This clown is a enemy of americans and others.
    Take him down and revoke his citizenship and send him back to mother Africa.
    Don't send him here to canada. Yuck.