Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"That simplifies our problem..."

Wisdom from the most decorated Marine in history, Major General Chesty Puller.

During the Korean War, (then) Colonel Puller, on being informed that his Marine unit was completely surrounded by the Chinese army at the Chosin Reservoir, replied:

"We're surrounded. That simplifies our problem..." 

Face it, fellow Christians and cultural conservatives. We're surrounded. We are on the HOV lane to paganism. We're now on the part with no speed limit. We are losing this culture war. Fast. We've been out-Gramsci'd.

This simplifies our problem. We can let go of spin, censoring ourselves, imitating our foes, straining to be politically correct. We of course should continue to fight in the political arena and in the cultural arena, but most important, we need to protect our families and friends and fellow Christians, and pray for our enemies, and we need to serve and love God.

We are surrounded by an increasingly pagan culture. But we've been here before.

It's how we started, actually.


  1. The real risk for society is that Christians won’t accept their defeat and get violent. It is after all conservatives who are stockpiling assault weapons and ammunition explicitly for use against our own government. With people like Egnor dreaming up vast evil conspiracies to blame for otherwise mundane political defeats, and leaders like Jindal proclaiming it’s time for a hostile takeover of Washington, we can expect more terrorist assassinations of law enforcement officers. The more law enforcement comes under attack the better armed and more aggressive they will be in defending themselves, giving more reason to the sovereign citizens to be even more militant and creating a potential spiral of paranoia and aggression that could get very ugly.


  2. Honest question for Dr. Egnor and the other Christians on this thread: Are you seriously ready to give up on the possibility of peaceably sharing a society with atheist Americans?


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    2. Your question is truly amusing in its underlying false assumptions.

      News for ya: Christians have been peaceably sharing society with atheist Americans since day one - and not complaining, bitching and whining like little sucks, the way atheist fanatics do all the time these days.

  3. For a Christian aggressor nation's invasion forces surrounded by atheists, and about to be annihilated, here's a much better analogy than yours. From Wikipedia: The Axis forces on the flanks were overrun and the 6th Army was cut off and surrounded in the Stalingrad area. Adolf Hitler ordered that the army stay in Stalingrad and make no attempt to break out; instead, attempts were made to supply the army by air and to break the encirclement from the outside. Heavy fighting continued for another two months. By the beginning of February 1943, the Axis forces in Stalingrad had exhausted their ammunition and food. The remaining elements of the 6th Army surrendered.

    Ah, yet another "Christian nation" with a racist ideology based on religion and creationism bites the dust!

    Buh-bye "Christian nation". Don't let the door hit ya where the dog shoulda bit ya!