Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony: Not Guilty


I have followed the trial intermittently, and I'm a bit surprised.  I certainly didn't expect acquittal.

It's a bizarre crime, and I must admit that although I strongly suspect that Casey Anthony killed her daughter (the computer search for neck-breaking and for chloroform?!) ,  I did feel that there was a disconnect in the evidence between Casey and her daughter's murder. While we citizens watching the trial could let our suspicions and speculations run free, the jury had a different job. What was it exactly that connected Casey to Caylee's murder,  except for our intuitive sense that Casey did it? I think the jury did their job.

I must admit to a slight bit of relief when I saw the verdict. Despite my personal belief that Casey killed her daughter, I take no pleasure in the destruction of anyone's life, even someone who I believe did something horrendous.  If by the rules of the criminal justice system she is acquitted, fine with me. A child is dead. Imprisoning or executing her mother won't bring her back. I pray that Casey will get her life together and come to grips and find forgiveness for her transgressions,  whatever they have been.

Her acts may (or may not) have been horrendous, but we all could use a little mercy.

The person or persons who killed this little girl will have much to account for.  It seems that they will not account for it in this world, but there is a next.  In the meantime, I pray for Caylee's soul, and for the troubled souls of her mother, her family, and the person who killed her.

And a prayer for the jury is in order as well. They were tasked with this most difficult duty and seem to have done it with integrity.

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