Sunday, July 10, 2011

Is it something I said...?

Commentor Yorandor:

[Mike Egnor said:] "The parallel to the abortion issue is obvious. Every human life begins at conception. Every embryo is a human being".
[Yorandor said:] This isn't an "obvious" parallel unless one accepts the contentious (to say the least) premise that follows. At least be honest enough to admit that. Your comparison to the WWII allied bombers is of no relevance if this premise is false. And the notion that every human life begins at conception is a black and white statement about an issue which is anything but. You're just begging the question.

Your using these kind of "arguments" is probably one of the major reasons that, only a few weeks after you started your blog, very few people are bothering to even engage with it.
Actually, I'm quite happy with the progress of my blog.  The stats are good. I've got some very capable defenders and some very capable antagonists.

Why would Yorandor think that  "few people are bothering to even engage with it."?

Hmmm...  Well, there are possilities that come to mind:

1) People really don't like me. Probably not true. I'm obviously a nice guy.

2) My blog is boring. Not.

3) The things I say are so stupid they're not worth responding to. Millions of atheists agree!

4) I'm right, and engaging me merely makes it more obvious. Probably the right answer.

So here's my challenge, Yorandor: show me how my premise-- "every embryo is a human being"-- is false. Do it in a comment, and if you'd like, I'll post it free-standing (just indicate so), and then I'll answer it in a subsequent post.

Show the world what a fool I am.

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  1. I was reading the inflammatory comments on the right side of your blog and wondered what incensed so much those materialists/atheists.

    Talk about using sewer rhetoric!

    Is it because they are finding out their worldview is being challenged more and more by science new discoveries? Or is it because their materialist philosophy is going down the drain to rejoin their rhetoric?

    They react like the devil in holy water! Keep pouring that water, Dr. Egnor.