Monday, April 2, 2012

Even smart liberals are stupid

Supreme Court Justice Sonya "Wise Latina" Sotomayor, who will render a ruling that will decide the future of American healthcare, thinks that it is legal to refuse emergency room treatment to people with no insurance.



  1. But of course, it's not shocking at all to you that Justice Scalia apparently didn't know that the "Cornhusker kickback" he derided wasn't part of the law whose constitutionality he is deciding.

    What a craven partisan hack you are!

  2. Good try, anon.

    The Cornhusker Kickback was essential to passage of the bill, because in the Senate version it secured Nelson's 60th vote and avoided a filibuster.

    It was removed from the reconciliation bill, because that bill could not be filibustered and therefore buying Nelson's vote was no longer necessary.

    Scalia obviously knows what the Cornhusker kickback is and understands the bill, unlike you or Maddow. He was drawing a hypothetical to make a point about citing illegitimate processes to invalidate laws passed by such process.

    Without the Cornhusker Kickback, Obamacare would never have passed, because it would have been filibustered and have never made it out of the Senate.

    You need to read more carefully.

  3. The first sign of a craven political hack is that he can't admit it when he's wrong.

    Nice try at spin, but you're not fooling anyone. Scalia evidently didn't know it wasn't part of the bill, but you're just fine with that. It's only justices you disagree with that can be ignorant of anything.

    1. Actually, you didn't understand the point Scalia was making. Of course, I wouldn't expect you to.

    2. The first sign of a craven political hack is the use of recycled terminology like 'craven political hack', actually.

  4. Conservatives’ selective outrage is amazing. Scalia actually suggests, and then re-iterates, that we should let people die.

    GENERAL VERRILLI: No. It's because you're going -- in the health care market, you're going into the market without the ability to pay for what you get, getting the health care service anyway as a result of the social norms that allow -- that -- to which we've obligated ourselves so that people get health care.

    JUSTICE SCALIA: Well, don't obligate yourself to that. Why -- you know?

    GENERAL VERRILLI: Well, I can't imagine that that -- that the Commerce Clause would --would forbid Congress from taking into account this deeply embedded social norm.

    JUSTICE SCALIA: You -- you could do it.

    As for Sotomayor, given the views of prominent conservatives like Scalia, and the whole “let him die” Tea Party crowd, asking about people being turned away from emergency care is prudent. In just asking the question she has made many conservatives more tied to the idea of health care as a right. I hate to break it to you, but you have all fallen in to the wise Latina’s little trap.


  5. (yawns)... hey Anon, you're boring me. Sotomayor isn't wise... just racist.

    The numbers are in. Obama has wasted more money than this country has in it's first 219 YEARS AS A REPUBLIC. Yes that's right folks, the debt this closeted muslim/communist/anti-american hack has dumped on us is equal to the amount this country has rung-up from the time of George Washington's inauguration all the way through the third year of Clinton's first term, and he did it in ONLY 39 MONTHS!!

    Instead of making stupid statements about the biased judges this pin-headed, arrogant little prick has rammed down our throat to force socialized medicine on us, why don't you comment about that, Anon?

    (turns and walks away from all of you shaking head)

    ... Aveles has spoken.

  6. (adds this before walking out of hearing range...)

    ...Oh, and I do know that my post had nothing to do with the title of this blog, it just seems pointless to even mention this woman when she and that bull-daggit Kagen are merely puppets who do as their told. They don't think for themselves, so why are you stabbing at the tail of the snake? It's pointless to debate about what they're ruling/thinking when it's obvious they are just there to push the progressive agenda and take their orders from the Socialist in charge.

    ... Aveles has finished. Good day.