Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pick out the real racists...


  1. I think MLK was a Republican until Kennedy ran against Nixon, then he switched. Kennedy repaid him by having his Justice Department spy on him because he was considered a dangerous subversive.

    MLK really didn't like Johnson, mostly because MLK was opposed to the Vietnam War. (Johnson was also a big segregationist when he was a senator from Texas, then changed his tune.) King thought the war was siphoning off money that could be used for social welfare programs. He was assassinated during the last months of Johnson's term, so we don't know where he would have stood on the political landscape after the Johnson years.

    I don't know. Personally, I think that his "content of character, not color of skin" remark sounds like the colorblind treatment advocated by conservatives. But plenty of people hold contradictory belief structures. Maybe King thinks that color consciousness is color blindness, just as plenty of my liberal associates believe. It's always weird listening to someone explain why special treatment is equal treatment.


    1. The Democratic Party is racist, and always has been racist. That hasn't changed. What's changed is the target of their racism. While they were once racist against blacks, they are now racist against whites.

      The political right offers blacks equal treatment. The political left offers blacks preferential treatment. Unfortunately, most blacks have chosen preferential to equal.

      Little John