Saturday, January 28, 2012

"I'm not a good singer, but I just like it"

This is a video of 21 year old Choi Sungbong in his first performance on Korea's Got Talent. He was abandoned in an orphanage at the age of three, and escaped because of abuse at the age of five and lived by himself on the street selling gum and newspapers for ten years. He was helped to get an education by a woman who ran a food cart who saw him living on the street. As he got older, he worked as a day laborer to support himself and to pay for a modicum of musical training. His story seems genuine.

His fortunes have changed at bit. He's a remarkably humble young man. When he was asked by a judge on the show if he was a good singer, he replied "I'm not a good singer, but I just like it". I'm fascinated by the response of the people in the Korean audience and of the judges. A warm and tearful response, with a beautiful sense of dignity and respect.

Listen to him sing.


  1. @crus:

    Thanks. Wow. If you don't mind, I may do a post on it.

    Hard to believe that something like that could be a part of an event at Fr. Bragg. That's my old army base (I was stationed there from 1974-76).

    1. You're welcome.
      ..and Have at it with the posting. no worries at all there.
      I think it makes an excellent contrast to the 'prayer banner' farce.

    2. mregnor wrote: "Hard to believe that something like that could be a part of an event at Fr. Bragg."

      Then don't believe it. Actually take 5 minutes and look into the matter and you will learn that "something like that" is ~not~ part of an event at Ft. Bragg.

      Learn for yourself:

      Of course you don't appear to care about facts and truth so I'm sure you'll parrot crusadeREX's misinformation.

    3. Beyond Belief Festival is a atheist themed festival that is basically going to increase visibility, and awareness and tolerance and respect for atheists in the military community.

      Following this themed festival, I do hope the military will adopt the new atheist tombstone, instead of the Christian cross, for fallen mates!

    4. Pépé,

      Perhaps you are unaware that the U.S. military already has a grave marker for those who do not wish to identify with a specific religion.

  2. What a wonderful voice!

  3. 1) I wonder why no atheist has yet commented on this blog?

    2) I would suggest that Dr. Egnor and crusadeRex join their blogs. Let the fireworks begin!