Sunday, January 15, 2012

The New Mass

The new Mass is in my view quite beautiful. It is a more faithful translation of the Latin, which was simplified somewhat after Vatican II for Mass in the vernacular.

The new Mass is spiritual and profound, with a renewed solemnity. I think that it is well received by the faithful. I love it.

I'm grateful for this gift, one of many. 


  1. Waiting for someone to say "But the Catholic Church has pedophiles" in 3...2...1...


  2. I don't get the big deal about the new translation. A few words were changed. Mass is still Mass.

    I sort of like a few of the changes. "...and with your spirit" is less jarring to me, since that's how it's said in every Spanish or Portuguese Mass I've ever attended, and the Centurion's Prayer likewise.

    And I sort of don't like some others. "Consubstantial" and "visible and invisible" are loan words, not really Englishy enough for a vernacular Mass, IMHO.

    But on the whole, nothing worth getting worked up about, one way or the other.

  3. I'm ambivalent about the whole thing. I knew people that were all up in arms about the new prayers, but I think, in the end, we won't remember the way it used to be and we'll all be OK. Meanwhile, there's still Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and opportunities to be a Eucharistic Minister and that's where it's at for me.

  4. It's funny, bachfiend did not, yet, comment on this blog, he who is always the first to educate us on his ways!

    I know, I know, I promised not to trash atheists. But I am a sinner and I have failed.

    As for the New Mass, I am ready to listen to my God, and He may choose the ways He wishes to talk to me.

    1. Yeah, how convenient...

      Oops! i sinned! Teehee! Guess i'll just skip over to chruch and have a guy 'forgive me.'

      Rinse. And repeat.

    2. @Mulder

      I pity you if you don't know your own shortcomings!

  5. Pepe,

    I didn't comment because I don't comment on irrelevant matters. Michael feels that the new Mass is wonderful. I don't have the slightest interest in it.