Friday, December 13, 2013

Breaking News: Flame attracts moth

There has been another school shooting, in Colorado. It appears that the shooter killed himself and wounded another student. Please pray for all of them, and their families.

When are we going to learn that "gun-free zones" attract shooters? Gun-free zones are like flames, shooters are like moths. A gun-free zone gives a shooter 10 minutes of absolute power, with the opportunity to kill himself when the police arrive.

If the shooter were confronted immediately by armed guards, or even by armed school personnel, his power fantasy would disappear in a puff of smoke. The shooter's knowledge that he would be shot before he could shoot himself and many others would obviously be a major deterrent.

Mass shooters rarely choose armed victims.

Gun control nuts are accomplices to mass shootings in gun free zones. 


  1. "Fewer guns" is the problem. Mass shooters crave gun-free zones.

  2. Right-on Mike! More Guns! Every school needs to be well armed. Unfortunately murderous psychopaths aren’t really likely to be deterred by a reluctant, minimally trained, panicked, kindergarten teacher, and Columbine showed that a single armed guard is ineffective. At a minimum every school needs 3-5 highly trained highly motivated individuals in excellent shape, each armed with firepower equal to any possible threat. Because people need to defend themselves from the post-apocalyptic hoards flowing out of the cities, marauding home invading drug gangs, and the US military under the control of the New World Order, those threats may include rapid-fire, gas-operated, large magazine capacity rifles, and large capacity semi-auto pistols, wielded by men wearing body armor, gas masks, light amplification goggles etc. One guard at each entrance similarly equipped should be sufficient. Luckily most State and local governments are overflowing with cash, and we have a lot of homeless soldiers struggling with PTSD that could sure use a leg-up.


    1. KW:

      Gun-free zones attract mass shooters.

      Your idiot pointless creation of gun free zones enables mass shooters.

      But moral preening, not actual protection of innocents, is your agenda. Not an attractive behavior.

    2. Michael,

      Agreed. We need armed guards in kindergartens too. And child care centres. And crèches. It's obvious that Australian gun control failed miserably in preventing gun massacres.

  3. You're pretty sick and hateful yourself, Troy.

    It isn't true that none of the details are known. Here's one detail--it was done at a school, where guns are prohibited. That was Egnor's point and it's not unknown. It's a fact.


  4. The Conservative Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, cracked down on private ownership of firearms after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996 in which a single crazed gunman was able to kill 35 people at a popular family attraction by instituting a compulsory buy-back of guns.

    Australia hasn't had a mass shooting since then.

    Putting armed guards, two to a school, in the 100,000 public schools in America would be prohibitively expensive. You could either do it cheaply and use poorly trained guards and hope that it discourages the deranged or do it properly and put well trained guards who have regularly done training in urban warfare into schools.

    Either way, it would be very expensive. And who watches the watchers in case one of the guards goes ga-ga?

    I'd previously noted that if I were a homicidal maniac and I wanted to take out a lot of children, I'd attack a school bus. And someone promptly did (albeit as a kidnapping). Are you also going to put armed guards on school buses?