Sunday, April 8, 2012

Even better: their purgatory is only counted in dog years


  1. I watched his interview this morning. Warren is an incredibly boring average schmuck who has figured out how to live the good life by selling his very own feel good brand of Christian light pop culture. Christianity with a near permanent plastered on smile He really does come across as a man with a positive message, with his church sponsored group diets and silly assertion that he knows that house pets go to heaven. I just can’t help but look at him and thing “snake-oil salesman”, which is bad, but not as bad as the alternative, that this man is delusional and actually thinks the nonsense he spews is true.


    1. As a Catholic, I of course have reservations about some of Warren's theology. That said, Warren is a very admirable man and a transparently devout Christian who has done a whole lot of good. His African philanthropy is remarkable.

      All in all, I think he is a very good man and a very good Christian. I also liked his Purpose Driven Life, although we actually had a priest visit our parish who gave a series of talks about the Catholic approach to Warren's book. Mostly positive, with a few theological provisos (we Catholics are really into theological provisos).

      There are some televangelists who I detest. In fact, for years my revulsion at televangelists kept me from becoming a Christian. I have a particular aversion to Joel Osteen. The guy oozes corruption. He's an obvious huckster. I can't stand the 'prosperity gospel'. It's a pagan heresy.

      Christianity leads to the Cross, not to the bank.