Saturday, October 6, 2012



  1. Michael,

    Hmmm... 38th thread on day 6 of the month of October (with 31 days).

    Obviously you've realized that you can never achieve quality in your threads, so you've decided to go for quantity.

    Are you trying for your record of 142 threads in a calendar month (one with only 30 days too?)

    Perhaps you could start a thread with the comments being your suffering readers' predictions as to the number of threads you'll post? I tip 189.

    1. As long as I have quality in my combox...

    2. Michael,

      Why then, if you have 'quality in my combox', don't you use some of it. It's tedious to read your efforts. A sentiment apparently shared by your suffering readers, since most of your threads get no comments, or perhaps, in response to your more inane efforts, a single comment from CrusadeRex in a single line stating that he agrees.

    3. bach: It is pretty obvious why Egnor posts so much here. In his offline life, everyone around him realizes that he is an insufferable ignorant ass, and as a result, he has no friends or acquaintances. His only outlet for his bile, and venom, and idiocy is this blog. He is desperate for any kind of attention to ease his empty and desolate life.

    4. Actually, I've run out of kittens to torture, so I'm bored.

    5. mregnor: No. It is clear that you are friendless and alone. Your colleagues at work regard you as either an embarrassment or a joke, and even your priest thinks you're a lunatic.

      You're just a sad, pathetic old man desperate to have anyone pay any attention to his rambling drivel. You;re the nutty uncle, except even your family won't listen to your insane mutterings any more.