Saturday, October 6, 2012

Love your Muslim neighbors

Here's a great ad that two religious groups are putting up in the NYC subway, in response to the Civilized Man/Savage Jihadis ads:

Great ad. I agree with it wholeheartedly. We should love our Muslim neighbors, and we should side with civilized Israel over savage jihadis:

There is no contradiction whatsoever between love and respect for Muslims who are peaceful, and defiance against jihadis who are savages. They are, in fact, facets of the same quest for peace and justice. This is a venerable Christian passion.

Both ads are spot-on. Civilized people love peace and defy terrorism. And let's pray that the "Love your Muslim neighbors" ad won't be spray-painted by an intolerant censor, like the "Support Israel-Defeat Jihad" ad that inspired it was.

Hurray for free-speech!


  1. Perhaps the particular brand of love our democratically elected leaders keep showing the Muslim world is not as effective at fighting Jihad as we might hope.

    1. We should be doing everything possible to avoid harm to non-combatants, and I don' think our invasion of Iraq was smart and probably not moral.

      From a purely practical standpoint, Saddam was a very effective bulwark against Iran and Shia hegemony in the region.

      I do believe that we need to fight Islamism. Some of that fight needs to be military-- I think that drones hits on Islamist leaders are brilliant, effective and more humane regarding innocents than conventional war-- and the fight needs to be economic and cultural as well. Economic and cultural war is likely to be particularly effective because Islam is an economic and cultural backwater-- it is parasitic on Christendom.