Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More Muhammad movies!

From the LA times:

Is Islam's prophet Muhammad to have more screen time?
A prohibition on depicting him has long been sacrosanct, but then came 'Innocence of the Muslims.' And two ex-Muslim filmmakers are seeking to develop biopics...

The answer to Muslim rent-a-mobs is more, more, more. Keep the film-critic jihadis busy.

I know that some readers will disagree ('why provoke them?'), but I think that submission is provocative. Defiance worked damn well at Tours and Lepanto and Vienna. Why stop at Hollywood?

If you're a cinematically-inflamed jihadi, there's not much sense in firebombing Satan's local embassy if your antics count for nothing, especially if a price is extracted for violence and if there are more infidel movies and cartoons than you have rocks to throw.

America is a free country, but human freedom is not a right limited to a patch of earth in North America. The right of freedom of expression is a right endowed to all men by our Creator. Man is created in God's image, as a free spiritual being, capable of choice. Censorship of free expression is the denial of the truth about man and God.

So bring on the Muhammad movies. Praising him, mocking him, adoring him, despising him, understanding him. All of it. Those who believe that representing Muhammad in art is sinful are entitled to refrain from representing Muhammad in art. They are not entitled to censor, or kill, others. Bring on the Jesus movies too, the Buddha movies, Moses epics (do Jews riot because of Charlton Heston?). I'd love to see more Richard Dawkins parodies.

Heck, I love Catholic parodies!

We have no reason to fear freedom of speech.

Let the jihadi censors know that we will not submit. For every movie they protest, let's make five more. Freedom of expression-- the freedom to choose-- is the Christian understanding of man's relation to God, and we hold it to be self-evident.

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