Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My prediction...

With Obama's reelection hopes heading for the Mariana Trench, expect radical stuff for the next three weeks.

There will be all kinds of breaking fact-free government reports, precisely timed and targeted for electoral advantage.

And there will be a  major pre-election military initiative-- an attack against Al Qaeda strongholds in Libya or even a coordinated US-Israeli hit on Iranian nuclear sites.

After all, Clinton bombed an aspirin factory and sites in Iraq to coincide with his impeachment trial, and Bubba and his team were choirboys compared to The One and his Chicago hoods.

May God bless America. It's gonna be quite a ride.


  1. But God won't bless America, because he is an imaginary character.

  2. And when your predictions are proved wrong, will you either shut up or admit it?

    I doubt it. Honesty isn't your strong suit.