Friday, October 5, 2012

Now we know what they meant by "adjustments"

Obama Administration officials announced yesterday that they were making "adjustments" in response to the President's disastrous debate performance.

Today the Obama Administration announced a remarkable and completely unexpected drop in unemployment to 7.8%.

Lying like rugs.


  1. Ah yes. A non-political bureau that has no political employees at all on staff is somehow doing the political busy work for the Obama administration.

    Your wackaloon conspiracy theories get more and more desperate by the day.

  2. I know! But it's funny, isn't it? I mean, Egnor is like this really stupid stereotype of a batshit insane far-right religious crackpot, and he's a brain surgeon. Combinations like that have got to be pretty rare.

    1. You don't know brain surgeons very well. We're an idiosyncratic bunch.