Saturday, October 6, 2012

'That pineapple is blasphemous!'

Never call the Prophet™a fruit:

The dreaded pineapple of hate: Reading University ejects atheist society for pineapple labeled "Muhammad"

If only atheists everywhere had such cojones.  


  1. It's easy to praise atheists when they make fun of any religion except your own, isn't it?

    1. Not at all. This is not about "making fun" of anyone.

      Atheists love to poke fun, but usually at safe targets--Mormon missionaries, old church ladies, bishops. Oddly enough, it is rare when they pick on people who have a habit of beating the ever living crap out of people who "disrespect" their prophet. Be an equal opportunity bigot. It's your right, and I won't take it away from you. I'll just let you know that you're every bit as bigoted against Christian as the KKK is against black people.


    2. It's easy to praise atheists when the are right and act with courage, which happens rarely.

  2. Death to the infidel pineapple - APPLES AKBAR!!!