Friday, October 12, 2012

"The 15 most overrated white people"

Columbia University professor Marc Lamont Hill lists the 15 most overrated white people:

Elvis Presley
Ronald Reagan
Justin Bieber
Donald Trump
Prince Harry
Tim Tebow
President Obama’s Economic Team
William Shakespeare
Babe Ruth
Kate Middleton
Joel Osteen
The Whole NHL (except Wayne Simmonds)
Bill Clinton
Bill Walton
Sarah Palin
Read Professor Hill's explanation at the link as to why he thinks that each whitey is overrated. And then consider that this dolt is a professor at an Ivy League university (my alma mater, no less!).

Imagine if a white person made a similar list about black people.

How about this list of one: who's the most overrated race-hustler on faculty at Columbia University?

(HT Legal Insurrection


  1. Replace Elvis with John Lennon and the NHL with the PGA, and I'd agree. Does that make me a racist?

  2. How about this list of one: who's the most overrated race-hustler on faculty at Columbia University?

    I might answer "Marc Lamont Hill" if I'd ever heard of this nonentity before reading this post.

    1. I've seen Hill on Fox (he's a commentator). Seems like a nice enough fellow, but not a lot of depth.

      There's a lot of shallow stuff in academia, and a lot of hypocrisy.

    2. "Seems like a nice enough fellow, but not a lot of depth." That's the kind of commentariat Fox News wants, given the mental capacities of their audience.

    3. He may well be a very nice man. However, the only reason he is on Fox is because he is the token socialist/Marxist. Incidentally, it was the moron vote that put Obama back in the White House not Fox News viewers. I believe Dr. Hill is plenty intelligent and certainly very well educated. He is just a typical inner city North Philly kid with a chip on his shoulder. I pray that he will turn from the dark side as I think he could provide a great deal of inspiration and guidance to the inner city youth so they don’t grow up with chips on their shoulders that so many kids have today. Don’t look for someone to blame for your plight in life. Work hard in school and you can be whatever you want. It isn’t selling out to seek to excel in schoolwork and life. It is the responsible thing and will enable you to take care of yourself and your family without expecting the government to do it for you. They have no interest in doing anything more than providing subsistence level help. That way they keep you on the hook. With the exception of elected officials and their appointees see if you can name one person that the government made wealthy.

  3. Che,
    I would say that entire segregationist democrat party instead of a few celebrities you pick. It was the segregationists and the modern day white liberals since the middle 1960s that have sown what black America has reaped and continues to reap today. Other than your undying loyalty at the ballot box, liberals don’t give a rip about black people in this country.
    A few high ranking black officials like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and other “black leaders” as they are known get a little preferential treatment. This ensures that when something happens where either of these two hustlers can glom some camera time in their $1000.00 suits showing outrage on television so ordinary black Americans think they are actually accomplishing something.
    My friend Walter Williams calls these charlatans “poverty pimps.” Of course I expect that Walter isn’t authentically black because he is an independent thinker and conservative. How is it in inherently racist society, people like Walter Williams, Bill Cosby, Ward Connerly, Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Angela McGlowan, Shelby Steele, Jennifer Carroll, Alan Keyes, Herman Cain and others can become incredibly well educated, successful, and yet much of black America views these people as sell outs and uncle Toms. It is actually the part of black society that continues to vote liberal democrats into power who are captive on the plantation not the women, and men listed above.