Monday, October 1, 2012

What is it about Mitt Romney that you don't like... is it because he's a Muslim...?"

Howard Stern interviews Obama voters.



  1. It was funnier when he did it in 2008.

    Liberals are smart. Low IQ and poor information are the leading causes of conservatism. Anyone with an education votes liberal, anyone who doesn't know a damned thing votes conservative.

    That was sarcasm, in case you didn't know.


  2. How sad.
    You're gonna take a Stern bit, where they interview street people, typically black and uneducated, and base that as some sort of...odd point about Obama voters..nice.

    1. @Mulder:

      So sad. These ignorant people-- die-hard Democrats who live in Democrat-governed municipalities and who are educated in Democrat-controlled schools monopolized by Democrat-serving teacher unions and who are informed by a Democrat-fellating press-- what do these people have to do with Barack Obama?

      They are the perfect Democrat Voter. They may well decide the election.

    2. Michael,

      No, they won't decide the election. It will be the swing voters in the swing states who will.

      You're very elitist in claiming that the less educated who vote for political candidates you don't like don't deserve their votes. In a democracy, everyone's vote has equal weight.

  3. @bachfiend: Who said anything about not deserving their votes?

    @mregnor: This is certainly amusing, but trust me: if we get started playing the "I found video footage of people who agree with you saying foolish things, so that proves your position is wrong" game, we will all be proven wrong.

    -John Henry

    1. @JH:

      No doubt. Anecdotes prove nothing.

      But the effectiveness of videos like this is that they ring true to millions of people who believe that the Democratic party base is ignorant and self-interested.