Sunday, October 14, 2012

'You can have sex with an elephant...'

Wes Pruden on media bias and the media meltdown about Obama's flagging campaign:

The media glitteries, no longer satisfied to be mere journalists, reckon themselves a mighty army marching as to war, with the banner of the messiah of Chicago going on before. They feel no shame for abandoning duty. There’s no one any longer available to enforce the discipline of a serious newsroom.
When Abe Rosenthal, the late executive editor of The New York Times, once decreed that reporters, columnists and editors could not march in partisan causes no matter how worthy, one of his reporters demanded to know why. Didn’t she have First Amendment rights, too?
“Of course you do,” Abe replied. “You can [have sex with] an elephant, if that’s your taste. But if you do, you can’t cover the circus.”

The same applies to sex with donkeys.

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