Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On the Religious Left's collaboration with Obama's contraception mandate

Mark Tooley at American Spectator has a great essay on the Religious Left and their support for forcing churches and religious institutions to pay for contraception.


For much of the Religious Left, the instrumentalities of the Sexual Revolution are themselves holy rites more sacred than any civil right or protection from government interference. And having largely denied the ethical teachings and historic doctrines of their own faith, these religious voices have largely distilled religion down to mandating, usually by government coercion, the fulfillment of various physical needs. They offer a religion without soul or transcendence. More disturbingly, their material demands ultimately entail suppressing or coercing more traditional religionists, not to mention all who cherish individual rights of speech and faith. If all their wishes were fulfilled, the ultimate result would be more authoritarian than any theocracy of the Middle Ages, unmediated by grace or charity.


  1. With all due respect Dr. Egnor, your quote:

    "... you were bought at a price."

    is 1 Corinthians 6.20 not 1 Corinthians 20

    I want to make sure atheists find this quote!


  2. Pepe:

    Thank you! I've corrected it.


  3. How dare those liberal Christians be intolerant of your intolerance? Enabling some young hussy’s recreational sex is just too much to ask a real Christian to bear. After all, it's your constitutional right to meddle with your employees’ family planning practices. If the fornicators don't like it they can find another job, because we all know how easy it is to find a job these days.