Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Woman's health"?

Lauren Rankin at Rolling Stone:
2014's Most Outrageous Attacks on Women's Health (So Far)
Orwellian swill. The issue at hand is abortion, not "choice", and abortion is indeed a matter of women's health, in the sense that 25 million very young women have had their lives snuffed out by this homicidal practice in the U.S. since 1973. A similar number of very young men have been killed in a similar fashion.

Around the world, there are 100 million missing women, mostly in Asia, mostly because of sex-selective abortions (and female infanticide) motivated by mandatory birth control policies in countries like China and India.

Abortion is the greatest selective killer of women in human history. It is very much a women's health issue, and the killers of women are people like Lauren Rankin who shill for this barbarous practice and employ the Orwellian phrase "women's health" to defend it. 

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