Monday, December 24, 2012

1:33:28 of pure wisdom

For this Christmas Eve morning, this is a must-watch video of Ed Feser's talk last year at the Faith and Reason conference at Gonzaga University. Ed explains the Aristotelian/Thomist teleological approach to science.

Listen carefully, and take notes.

For my materialist and atheist friends, this will be on the Final Exam. You'll get extra credit if you try to understand what he's saying, and if you can resist the itch to chant "pathological liar". 

For my theist friends, please watch the whole thing. Pour a cup of coffee or eggnog and enjoy an hour and a half of beautifully explained truth.

If you like a little red meat, Feser takes on the New Atheists at about 1:17:00. A demolition job. You almost feel sorry for them. But not really. 


  1. Well now. "A demolition job??"

    The guy's response itself was so weak. Just to simply prattle on about how their arguments are 'juvenile' and like a students' smacks of someone who just cant handle or accept anyone with another take on their belief system.

  2. Feser is almost as big a clown as Egnor is. Feser is a joke among philosophers. There's a reason he teaches at a glorified community college.

  3. I wisj I could get that 1:33:28 back.