Sunday, July 3, 2011

Closing arguments in trial of Florida woman for abortion of post-term fetus

[Dissociated Press] Prosecution and defense attorneys will present their closing arguments tomorrow in the case of a Florida woman charged with a late-late term abortion.  The defendant, Casey Anthony, was indicted in October 2008 for the termination of her 43 month fetus.

Abortion rights supporters have rallied to Anthony's side.  Planned Parenthood spokesperson Gina Smith:

'This is a case about women's rights. It's about women's rights to self-determination. Look at Casey in those photos partying after she received her reproductive health care. She's happy, unburdened by a baby she choose not to keep. 
Now she can live her life, unburdened by a baby she didn't want. A woman's right to choose is so important.
Asked by reporters about the fetus' age-- 43 months of gestation-- Smith said:

'Women's rights don't end at 9 months of gestation. Women have a right to control their bodies at any point in gestation- 2 months or 8 months or 43 months. If a woman wants to hold a shot glass unstead of a baby bottle, well, that's what freedom is all about.' 

Asked about the procedure itself- duct tape and chloroform- the Planned Parenthood spokesperson said:

'There's no scientific evidence that termination causes suffering. Since when is chloroform and asphyxiation more unpleasant than dismemberment with cutting instruments? We have always encouraged women to consider more gentle methods to secure their reproductive rights.' 
Smith did raise one issue regarding Anthony's reproductive health care:

'We as a society have a responsibility to provide women with access to reproductive health. Not all women with post-term fetuses can afford good care. We urge lawmakers to insure women's rights by fully funding medicaid abortions for post-term fetuses.'

When asked how the government can afford guaranteeing new access to health care for the millions of women with post-term fetuses, Smith asked pointedly:

'We can't put a price on women's right to choose!  Besides, how much can duct tape and chloroform cost the government,  especially if you buy  in bulk?' 


  1. Making up your own news again, I see. If you can't tell the difference abortion and murder... Never mind, we already know you can't.

  2. Let me take a swing here: murder is the deliberate killing of an innocent human being, but abortion is completely different.

    What do I win?