Monday, July 11, 2011

"Your education system is rubbish, your hospitals are rubbish..."

Commentor Nnoel didn't celebrate the 4th of July:

In america where most religious people start running around like their hair is on fire if any 'liberal' starts encroaching on 'biblical standards of running the country' people are enslaved to poverty and religious rules,
Is obeying the Ten Commandments 'enslavement to religious rules'?  I try very hard (and often fail) to be a slave.

Your assertion that in America belief in God entails 'enslavement to poverty' needs a reference. I hadn't heard that before. 

while in places where ATHIESTS rule and abortion is legal and gays are allowed to marry... people report feeling happier, crimes rates are lower, and because reason rules, have a higher standard of living.
Atheists don't really 'rule' anywhere in the US.

There are several states that are deep blue-- New York, California, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts.  Crime rates vary considerably.  The most consistent liberal bastions (Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, DC., New Orleans, Houston)  are crime-ridden combat zones.

Abortion is legal everywhere.

If you're going to compare quality of life between conservative/religious and liberal/atheist municipalities, you're going to have to go further than a rural Vermont yuppie commune and a poor town in Mississippi.

Making sensationalist claims about those holding opposing views is typical american republican tactic. 
That's a sensationalist claim.

It never really works, it only scares the un-informed, which is the republican target audience.
Two sensationalist claims.

 They make a farce of being 'christian' all the while really not having any christian objectives at all.
Three sensationalist claims. Are you sure you're not a republican?

Fact is, america is overly religious, and places far to much emphasis on capatilism, which means "screw the little guy, our major corporation needs to make more money". 

Are there really still Marxists around? Seems so.

Leading countries in europe are completely irreligious in reality, give people many more freedoms to 'sin' than america does, they suffer fewer natural disasters (not really relevant), the population (when compared by sociologists) are happier, and crime is lower.
Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland are thriving.  Socialism triumphs!

Facts call your whole argument BS, republicans claim godly-ness (support us, it's what jesus would do), while making decisions based on the needs of faceless corporations instead of the most needy in the population, 
Right. Marxist nations, like the Soviet Union, communist Eastern Europe, Cambodia, and North Korea love needy people!  That's why they made so many people needy.

Look around you, compare america to the REAL leading countries and how their populations are treated and treat each other, and you'd be ashamed to be american. America MAY have been greatest nation once, but your overly religious culture have ensured you lead at nothing but gun crime figures.
Virtually all gun crime in the US is committed in municipalities with strict gun control governed by liberal Democrats.  How is that an argument that conservative Christian Republicans are violent?

Your education system is rubbish, your hospitals are rubbish, and for a first world country, far to many people are on the poverty line. 
Our education system is in shambles,  because it's a government monopoly that's a wholly owned subsidiary of the left.

Our hospitals are the best in the world,  bar none.

Most of the people in poverty in America are poor because of family disintegration caused by idiot leftist policies (welfare that replaces the father in poor families and encourages out-of-wedlock births, etc).

The most reliable predictor of poverty in America is whether or not your parents are married.  Christians have been fighting to save the family for generations.  In the Catholic Church,  marriage is a sacrament, for goodness sake.



Even in england, communism in the form of socialism has snuck in, free hospitals for all, but of course, capatilism is good to a degree, but I heard a case recently where is was considered a blow at capatilism that the government wanted to stop the sale of a pram that was cutting children's fingers off, and the general population was up in arms... MADNESS!

Course, you could just disagree with me, not look at the facts, and keep wallowing in exaggerations and falsifications fed to you by your 'godly' politicians who care for nothing but money.
wake up!

I'll keep advocating Christian faith and culture,  which is the indispensable basis for our democracy and our prosperity.  

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