Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thoughts on the Norway atrocity and the future of Europe

The motives of the monster who detonated the car bomb in Oslo and who methodically slaughtered innocent children at a summer camp are becoming more clear.

Anders Behring Breivik is crazy and evil.

He is no Christian, in any meaningful sense of Christian theology or practice. His rambling 1500 page manifesto and web pages quote Locke, contain large swaths of pasted Unabomber screed, endorse freemasonry, rail against Muslims, Marxists, and feminists, and invoke Darwin and Christian culture.

He seems to be an organized version of Jared Lochner, the Tuscon mass-murderer.

The leftist press, predictably, has tried to link Breivik to fundamentalist Christianity, without success. Breivik's slaughter has nothing to do with affirmation of the Virgin Birth. Breivik invokes defense of Christian culture, among many other things, and he violates every precept of Christian morality.

The most haunting aspect of this tragedy, besides the horrendous loss of innocent lives, is what it tells us about the future of Europe. 

Genuine Christian belief and culture have been dying in Europe for a couple of centuries. Europe in the 20th century was a charnel house. In the 21st century the rump of its childless secular culture is exhausted, infertile, and dying, sipping lattes served by Islamic immigrants brought in to prop up European societies without youth. 

Islamic immigration will radically transform Europe. The European response will be an infestation of Breiviks, heirs to the Nazis, who will slaughter innocents in imitation of the Muslim slaughter of innocents.

All of Europe will be the Balkans by the end of this century.

The future of Europe, the Christian incubator of genius that gave us Shakespeare and Newton, will be Atta and Breivik. In this twilight of genuine vibrant European Christianity, Islamic terrorists and Neo-Nazi butchers will rend each other, and countless innocents, in a struggle for Europe's secular/atheist husk.


  1. Evil seems to love a vacuum, as nature abhors them. They have created and are expanding a cultural / social vacuum in the EU.