Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"I thank God... that abortion was there to save me...'

Toure on the abortion of his child:

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He wouldn't be the success he is, if it weren't for the abortion of his child 15 years ago.


That his butchered son or daughter would now be in 9th grade, getting ready to learn to drive, going on dates, the pride of his/her parents, with his/her own dreams and joys, seems not to bother Toure.

Toure's personal success is what matters to him. Whatever the cost to his own child.

The abortion movement is changing tack. It is abandoning its traditional junk science that a human fetus isn't human. It's more explicit now, no longer afraid or ashamed to admit:

'It's about me. If I have to kill my own kid to get what I want, so what?'

A more honest glimpse, at least, into a moral cesspool.


  1. Adm. G Boggs, Glenbeckistan NavyFebruary 12, 2013 at 9:11 AM

    Leftists amuse me. Their candor is so revealing.

    All over America, fabulously successful people raise children. That Toolé could not have done so speaks volumes about his competence.

    It's like Gov Moonbeam's comment, "... everybody with half a brain is coming to California." True enough. I just don't think it's an endorsement of the state of the State.

    1. I never saw that quote before, Admiral. Very funny. There are plenty of half-brained people running around California!

      I see that it happened in the context of some argument between California governor Brown and Texas governor Perry. Brown was bragging on his state.

      The funny thing is that Gov. Brown's lawless lieutenant, Gavin Newsom, traveled to Texas in 2011 to see why so many of California's jobs had migrated there. So I think even Brown knows that people are bailing out of the sinking ship we call the Golden State.



  2. Mother Theresa said it best: "It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish."


  3. I've often heard people say that abortion isn't a selfish choice. They like to tell themselves that they were just doing what's best for the child, who probably didn't want to be born anyway. In the case of abortion, "What's best for the child" always seems to be getting chopped in quarters and sucked out with a shop vac. Is that really what's best for the child, or is it what's best for the child's parents who want to go about their lives unencumbered by the babies they create? Is it really what's best for the child or is it all just an elaborate rationalization?

    Note to Toure: Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, made it her life's work to eliminate your race, one way or another. She opened her first clinic in a black section of New York, specifically because she wanted to reduce births of babies who look like you. You're one of those "human weeds" she was talking about.


    1. Ah yes, conservatives, the mighty defenders of the black race. Keep up the great work; I’m sure they’ll start voting conservative real soon.


    2. "The insane degree of demonizing of liberals by the current crop of US 'conservatives' never ceases to amaze me."

      We're telling the truth, not demonizing you.

      I can't believe you use the language above, but yes, I believe that Planned Parenthood was established to wipe out "undesirable" populations. It's actually not just my belief, it's a fact. The founder of the organization wasn't very shy about her intentions. It was a different era, when saying the things she said wasn't all that controversial. I suggest you pick up Dan Flynn's intellectual Morons at your local library and read his chapter on Margaret Sanger. He read twelve biographies on Sanger and read through the entire Margaret Sanger Papers Project.

      "At worst, I grant you, the founders might have feared that the whites were in danger of becoming a minority if the differences in reproductive rates would stay constant. Which is despicable - and a common attitude among current 'conservatives' - but a far cry from genocide."

      It is indeed genocide when you want to wipe them out, which she did.

      Whites who fear becoming a minority are no more racist than other people who can't wait for the white race to keel over and die.


    3. Liberals are allowed to use vicious racial slurs, TRISH. Cuz they're liberals.


    4. "We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population."--Margaret Sanger

      That quote doesn't imply that Sanger wanted to exterminate the Negro population, as you obviously like to believe in your blinding hatred. It could mean that, but a more generous reading is that she wanted to prevent a rumor to that effect from spreading.

  4. BlackGenocide.org | Planned Parenthood

    WARNING: Many of the comments, videos, and photographs at the above website are not for the faint of heart.

  5. 'It's about me. If I have to kill my own kid to get what I want, so what?'

    They are naked in their contempt because they believe they have attained a political mass that cannot be countered.
    They measure the general levels of apathy, infantilism, and hedonistic selfishness (correctly, imo) within the population as a powerful force for control.
    They see the conditioning of the masses as a success, and now they can openly call for horrors such as the shedding of the blood of the unborn as a means to forward their own careers and ambitions.
    In a few decades of being spoiled rotten hundreds of years of real moral and social progress have been or are being erased. This childish, selfish, apathy is insidious and the perfect tool for keeping the individual isolated, contemptuous of others, and very much under the spell of authority.