Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Moral High Ground

HT: Red State


  1. Unfair is right, private ownership of military weapons had nothing to do with the defeat of the Nazis, fascists, commies, and the British for that matter, and a gun in your home is far more likely to stolen and used to commit a crime than it its to shoot a home intruder.


    1. @KW:

      So the validity of the left half of the cartoon is debatable. I think that gun ownership makes citizenry more capable of defeating tyranny. You don't. You have a difficult time explaining, though, why tyrants always disarm their citizens.

      I guess we all agree that the right side of the cartoon is accurate. You liberals are standing on a mountain of dead children.

    2. Foolish, unhappy, dishonest KW,

      You leftists are in hysterics over guns and "America's gun culture" ... unless, of course, those guns are in the hands of criminal goons, or government goons, and oh happy day when the two are the same, as in Cuba or any other leftist hellhole!

      America's armed forces, which defeated those historical leftist inhuman monstrosities, doesn't just appear out of thin air when the Joint Chiefs of Staff wave their epaulets. Our military is a reflection of our people and our culture, including the terrible, horrible, lamentable fact that we are a “gun culture.”

      The cartoon is mocking your leftist hysteria over "America's gun culture" … and mocking your hypocritical leftist talking-point that “violence never solved anything”.

    3. “violence never solved anything”.

      From the Left's perspective, that's true, except that it certainly facilitates consequence-free sex.

  2. Well,
    First let me say I get the idea of the cartoon is to demonstrate the "left's" position on guns and abortion. They should have added some drones buzzing about above them, too.
    The only problem with this cartoon is that it has a left side.
    Once I looked at the gravestones it was all over for me.

    First, to even attempt compare the ENTIRE British Empire with any of the other short lived and utterly evil political entities is just revisionist garbage.
    The contrast of Stalin or Mussolini with some junky home invader isn't funny either. While I've no love for cowards who ransack homes and terrorize people, I think the scale of the evils committed by these men makes such comparisons totally tasteless.

    Secondly it is the factual gut-check.
    The British Empire did not end in the 1760's. Not even close. It had not even reached it's peak in North American endeavours until the 1890's - long after the US Revolution. Further, when the British Empire functionally dissolved in the 1950's, it did not go down in a hail of privately owned weapons fire, American or otherwise.
    She gave up the ghost slowly, mostly peacefully, and by increment, the Pax Britannia gave away to the Pax Americana.
    Britain abdicated her Imperial role. America then donned the cape of empire with the modern, and typically reductionist, title 'Super Power'.
    The British Empire ended by treaty and finance. It ended with the birthing of an American Empire and the Anglo-American alliance.

    Further again, almost all the weapons restrictions in the notable nations, dominions, and territories of the former British Empire are fairly recent.
    They begin, for the most part, in the 1980's.
    Not the 1760's.
    In 2013, in Ontario Canada I can legally own a TAR Semi-automatic with a 30 round clip. Is the same true across the border in NY, only 2 hours from here?

  3. So the left side kills babies and the right side kills opressions. Guns are good and thoes who are against guns kill babies. Is this what you are trying to say? Kinda one sided.

    I see it as both sides are for freedom of 'CHOICE' for having guns or babies.