Thursday, April 18, 2013

A horrible explosion in Texas...

There's been a huge explosion at a fertilizer plant in Texas. Dozens are feared dead.

Please pray for the victims and their families. These are such tragic times.

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  1. Another failure of regulation and inspection. The operators in their EPA risk management statement had asserted that there was no risk off an explosion. At worst, there'd be a short term leakage of ammonia, which would cause no loss of life.

    Libertarian ideals of unfettered freedom of private corporations to do whatever they think are right or just profitable are just dangerous.

    Private businesses need to be officially inspected to ensure that they're doing the right thing, just as the official inspectors need to be audited to ensure that they're also doing the right thing too, not just falling into a provider/ client incestuous relationship.

    Pray for the victims of the tragedy if you like. It won't do the slightest good. It would have been better to have prayed before the tragedy happened, to stop it happening. Or at least to have prayed that no explosion would occur in the hour between the fire breaking out, the firefighters responding and the explosion occurring.