Monday, January 6, 2014

It's fun when they grovel

Here's Melissa Harris-Perry pouting on MSDNC about mocking being caught mocking Mitt Romney's adopted black grandchild:

Here's the segment in which they mocked the child and the Romney family, if you have the stomach to watch it:

It makes no sense to point out the stomach-churning racism and hypocrisy and just plain meanness of this MSNBC ditty. Obviously Harris-Perry and the whole crew should be fired and never let anywhere near public commentary again.

But that of course will never happen.

What struck me most wasn't just the viciousness and cruelty of the sneer, but how much it resembled what Democrat bigots going back two centuries would have said about a white family adopting a black child. Whether it's the MSNBC broadcast studio, or an Alabama Klavern shindig, Democrats race-bait pretty much the same.

The Romneys have a beautiful family. All of it. How could any decent human being mock any of the kids in this picture?

Never forget how full of hate Democrats were and are. 


  1. I was honestly surprised when she apologized, especially because it didn't contain the caveats that so many apologies come with today--I'm sorry IF you were offended, I'm sorry BUT, etc.

    I think that she was honestly contrite because she realized that she had been making fun of a black infant. Similar racist remarks about white people probably would not have been so sincerely regretted.

    Said Romney; "I think it's a heartfelt apology, and I think for that reason, we hold no ill will whatsoever."



  2. Another day, another silly post.


    1. you seem to spend a lot of time here, contributing nothing. if you think that this blog is just one silly post after another then feel free to take a hike. i doubt you'll be missed.


  3. Adm. G Boggs, Glenbeckistan NavyJanuary 6, 2014 at 7:45 AM

    FNC: 1,097,000 total viewers
    CNN: 413,000 total viewers
    MSNBC: 394,000 total viewers

    --- 2013 Average Daily Cable News Ratings (1/2/14)

    If an MSNBC talking head apologizes on TV and there's no one to hear it, did she really apologize?

    1. And a lot of the 394,000 "viewers" were just a few viewers, watching the apology over and over because it was so damn funny.

  4. That picture is an almost perfect representation of the Mormon positive eugenics program.


    1. Didn't Mormons have a 'problem' with blacks until fairly recently? It seems to me the picture is a cynical attempt to whitewash (aaahaha) the Mormons' racist past. Anyway, I'm sure they will try to posthumously 'convert' the boy to the 'right race' in due time.

    2. troy:

      Mormons certainly had a problem with blacks. It is very much to their discredit, and is one of the (many) reasons I would never accept the Mormon faith. I know many Mormons personally, and they are very good people, but their religion has a problematic past. Just like Democrats.

      I wouldn't ascribe the Romney's adoption of the child as a "cynical attempt", anymore than I'd ascribe a liberal's interracial marriage as a "cynical attempt" at advancing a political career.

      People fall in love, and people adopt children, without regard to race. It's something to be respected, not mocked.

      Can't you ever see anything except through the prism of race and race-baiting?

    3. Egnor,

      Biologically, there are no human races. 85% of genetic differences between individuals occur within a human 'race' and 15% of genetic differences occur between human 'races'.

      The differences between human 'races' is just superficial dependent on a few dozen genes out of over 20,000 genes.

      Whenever I see a photo of an African living in poverty, I don't see a person of a different 'race'. I just see a human living in deprived circumstances.

    4. Adm. G Boggs, Glenbeckistan NavyJanuary 6, 2014 at 2:54 PM

      That's very noble, blankfire, but we already knew how noble you are.

      The biological fact that race has limited usefulness as a differentiator among human persons (as you note, persons, not animals, in a lapse from your usual ideological pieties) is irrelevant to societies, governments, and other persons like Ms Harris-Perry with a racialist agenda.

      But race is not just "superficial".

      Moreover, any decent discriminant statistical method would immediately yield race classifications as we know them today given appropriate anthropometric feature data.

      But humans themselves are even more subtle, and can - or claim to - discriminate among various Asian racial subgroups, Jews and other Semitic peoples, Native Americans, etc. THis has been a particular problem exhibited by persons of a leftward political inclination. I think immediately of US blacks and Democrats, Jews and the Soviets, and blacks in Cuba.

    5. Senile old fart,

      And your point? That we can distinguish between humans on the basis of external appearances, so we should, instead of adjusting for the lack of opportunity?

      Anyway. Humans are animals. They're also mammals, primates and great apes. They're also 'persons', because they live in societies with mutual obligations.

      I personally can't distinguish between people of different geographic origin, whether from Asia, Europe or Africa, so I don't bother. Besides the fact that if a person is tall and skinny, he or she probably comes from hot tropical origins, and if short and squat probably from the cold Arctic.

    6. Senile old fart,

      And the Kampucheans aren't skinny to go along with their tropical climate? The Dutch have shot up in height since their nutrition improved in the 20th century, so on average, they're taller than Americans.

      Naturally, the relationship between origin and stature is generally true. Although humans are notoriously migratory recently. And body build is heavily influenced by diet, as illustrated by Americans who are continuing to gain stature, horizontally though not vertically.

    7. i knew someone would find this number of young white children to be threatening. because the romney family has a lot of children that's kind of like eugenics! you know what else is like eugenics? planned parenthood and the whole population control agenda.


  5. This Harris-Perry needs more diversity and sensitivity training.

    Now maybe we can move on from potshots at liberals to posts on the braaaaiiiiinnnnn?

    - Curio

    1. You could always start your own blog.

      IF you have anything to say...

      - Kurio

    2. Yea, one day. Dr. Egnor is smarter and more knowledgeable than I am, and has much more to say. I prefer reading.

      This is his blog, he has a right to write whatever he wants. Considering the combox, I assume his readers have a right to express their own opinions and give input.

      The thing with the political posts - they sometimes give liberal atheist readers (I'm not one) the impression that opposition to gun control, global warming, and economic regulation are dogmas of the catholic Church.

      - Curio