Sunday, January 12, 2014

It's not a White Christmas

The British National Party released a disturbing Christmas card this season:

The BNP is a rightist party devoted to many things-- some good, such as freedom of speech, and sane economic and immigration policies, among others-- but there is a barely disguised undercurrent of racial hatred that comes across particularly clearly in this card.

The obvious implication of the card is that real Christmas in Britain is for white people.

What lying filth.

Christmas is the celebration of our Lord's birth, and he was born, lived, died and resurrected for all of us, of all races. He explicitly identified with the least among us, which very definitely includes immigrants and minorities who, whatever one thinks about immigration policy, have a tough time in a foreign land.

Heck, it's likely that the Lord came to earth as a distinctly dark fellow. It's such irony that these BNP bigots would insist that Christmas be "white" when our Lord whose birth we celebrate was probably of the same complexion as the immigrants they're denigrating so viciously.

We Christians, and especially we conservatives, have an obligation to speak out on this Right-wing racist shit. The Left is a racist cesspool itself-- consider proponents of Critical Race Theory, the Nation of Islam or La Raza, each of which would fit nicely in Alfred Rosenberg's library. And don't think for a minute that this disgusting Christmas card is peculiar to European racism. It wouldn't have caused a batted eye in a Democratic Party in 1960 (Bull Connor was a Democratic National Committeeman in that year), and if if you change the color of the kid it would fit nicely with a whole bunch of Democrat race-baiters today. Racism is a disease that most assuredly afflicts the Right and the Left, and even stains some who profess Christianity.

Please note that I do not endorse irresponsible immigration policies. Nations need to be very careful about immigration, because huge and very dangerous cultural shifts and conflicts can take place. Islam, regardless of its theological and social merits or demerits, will cause profound changes in the civic life of Europe. One of the most dangerous changes, aside from the vicious anti-Semitism and violence inherent to Islam, is the reaction that Islamic immigrants will engender in post-Christian native Europeans. Fascism is the likely European response to unfettered Islamic immigration. You can see it in the BNP and in the Golden Dawn in Greece.

Faithful Christians and thoughtful conservatives need to speak out against racism with vigor just as we denounce irresponsible immigration policies. And we need to speak out especially forcefully against racism from our end of the political spectrum. We must never denigrate immigrants because of race. How white Europeans could seriously accuse non-whites of anti-social behavior because of their race is a mystery.

To the misguided folks at the BNP, I note that Christmas has no color. We Christians are under very explicit instructions to love one another. Shame on you for using this joyful celebration of our Savior's birth for your racist swill. Christians have a sacred obligation to treat immigrants who are among us with respect and compassion, and even while enforcing the law (tempered with mercy and charity) we have an obligation to afford immigrants the full measure of human dignity without regard to race.

What we do for them, we do for Him.


  1. BNP is pretty racist. They lie too. I saw something on Youtube once where a news outfit caught them encouraging their members to file phony bias crime charges against dark-skinned immigrants. The idea was that bias crime laws should be used against the people who support them, so it's okay to just lie and make up some incident that never actually happened.

    I hate that crap.


  2. But, but, but, didn't Megyn Kelly explain it to us that Santa is white?


    1. And Jesus too! She insisted it was “Historical fact”.


    2. No surprise that Megan Kelly looks just like the girl in the picture.


    3. "No surprise that Megan Kelly looks just like the girl in the picture."
      KW provides an example of an overtly racist comment.

    4. Letists are allowed -- indeed, required -- to be racists.

    5. That completely explains why racists are mostly conservatives and/or right wingers, and have been for ~200 years.

    6. Diogenes,
      You don't actually buy that partisan ra-ra-ra bullshit do you?
      Racism (by which I infer you mean prejudices and bigotry anchored on 'racial' beliefs) is not isolated to any set of people. To state as much is elitist, and such statements (as your above) are quite often , themselves, based on the very same kind of prejudices.
      There are plenty of 'liberal' racists about. KW's comments regarding the ethnicity of the fox news presenter and the young woman in the add (a real beauty, I might add) is just one drop in an ocean of such examples. The so called 'left' is, after all, the current home of racial/ethnic policy in most of the civilized world.
      Maybe you meant regimes?
      Again, you'd be wrong. Ask a Chechen, Uighur, or Karen.
      You cannot hide behind political talking points from prejudice. Both 'sides' are as guilty as sin. We all are.

  3. How brave if you to take on conservative bigots in another country. Perhaps you're evolving on the issue, because it wasn't to long ago that you thought the horribly racists comments on the Blaze were “mild”.

    As your balls grow bigger I'm looking forward to you taking on the bigots in the Republican base.


  4. Point of Order......

    The BNP are actually Left. They are socialists. They are 'extreme right-wing' in the sense that the Nazis were.

    As a further P. of O. they actually have non-white members. Sikhs, as it happens.
    They have about as many members as the BBC has full time 'journalists'.

    Though they certainly have a sincere racist 'reactionary' core, they are a minuscule political entity. Totally controlled by MI5/Special Branch in the manner of American 'Racist Patriot' groups and the FBI.

    A sort of 'Emanuel Goldstein' for the MSM/Agenda to roll out if anyone every says anything sane about mass immigration and cultural warfare.

    Thus, here we see people who want to protect our real Christmas associated in this Christmas card with 'racism'.

    Oppose 'Happy winter Festival Greeting'? = raaaaacism.
    You know the drill.


    That's my whole 'establish accurate BNP political role and identity on American blogs that might otherwise not know it' task completed for 2014.

    ......and it's only January!

    John Richardson

    1. 'They have...'

      Should read 'There are....BBC...''

    2. Exactly; the BNP are *not* rightists, they are leftists.

    3. The Right's operational definition of a leftist: anyone they don't like.


    4. Extremely well sorted and framed, JR.

      Spot on.

    5. Diogenes,
      The National Socialist German Worker's Party (NDSAP or Nazis) were a synthesis movement. They are the purple that is the inevitable future of an amnesiac culture of red and blue.
      Revise, ignore, re-live. The modern Hegelian cycle of political control.

  5. There are bigots on both sides, KW, but for some strange reason, I haven't heard much "taking them on," from you, in spite of your moral outrage. Hmmmn? Could it be that your moral outrage is feigned? No? Well, we do know that leftists are blind to their own shameless hypocrisy, because we see it every day. It is true that there is bigotry on the right but only a simpleton would think it exists only on the right. You're not a shallow simpleton, are you KW?

    Anyway IMHO, the better question for you is, what makes bigotry wrong anyway, KW? In a materialist, Darwinist world where people are not created equal, and there are no moral absolutes, what makes is bigotry wrong? Can you give me a moral rationale for objecting to bigotry that is not simply subjective opinion, KW?

    In the world of the Darwinist, isn't bigotry just being honest about the evolutionary advancement or lack thereof, among the races? You value honesty, don't you, KW? Certainly you agree with Darwin's devout disciple and big Hitler fan, Margaret Sanger who said blacks are "weeds" who "never should have been born," and need to be "exterminated, don't you?" Perhaps you don't agree with that. Perhaps you agree with Jesus who said,

    "For you are all children of God through faith in Christ Jesus. And all who have been united with Christ in baptism have put on Christ, like putting on new clothes. There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus." Gal 3:26-28.

    Jesus or Sanger, KW? Where do you come down and why?

    You see, I have a moral rationale for believing that bigotry is absolutely immoral because I believe, like Jefferson, that God created all men in His image and therefore, all men have unalienable human rights. Where do absolute human rights come from in a relativist, materialist world? What is your rationale for finding bigotry to be so heinously immoral, KW? Again, please explain to me how a moral relativist finds a moral absolute in bigotry or is bigotry not a moral absolute and if so, is it sometimes acceptable? How do you decide? Majority opinion? You mean like they had in Germany in '30s and '40s?

    Big Rich here, standing by.

    1. Certainly you agree with Darwin's devout disciple and big Hitler fan, Margaret Sanger who said blacks are "weeds" who "never should have been born," and need to be "exterminated, don't you?"

      Uh, this is a fake quote that Margaret Sanger never said. Why do you believe the lies your right-wing authorities tell you?

      Moreover, Sanger was not a Hitler fan. Many American creationists were big Hitler fans though-- William Bell Riley, Gerald Burton Winrod, Gerald L. K. Smith, Arno Gaebelein, and Elizabeth Dilling.

      If you had evidence that Darwinism was associated with racism, you would have presented it. Instead you list a bunch of Margaret Sanger lies long ago debunked-- because creationism is associated with racism more strongly than its opposite.

    2. Sorry I didn’t respond earlier but I’ve been very busy lately. I would love to respond to all your points but I’m real pressed for time so I’ll only address a couple.

      In general people who accept evolution accept that the differences between the races are superficial and that evolution gives no rational for racism. It seems to be predominately conservatives like you who think it’s obvious that racism is supported by evolution. I think it reflects your racial bias as much as it does your ignorance of evolution.

      As for what makes bigotry wrong, no moral absolutes blah blah. It’s simple, I would find it distressing and unacceptable to be the object of bigotry, and because I know our similarities are far greater than our differences, and I can empathize with others, I treat others as I want to be treated, and in a way that makes society a more productive and peaceful place. Call it enlightened self-interest.


  6. "The BNP is a rightist party ..."

    No it isn't; it's socialist/fascist ... both of which strands are leftist.

    "... but there is a barely disguised undercurrent of racial hatred that comes across particularly clearly in this card."

    Given that the official left, which currently controls government and media, is virulently anti-white and anti-British, it's practically a law-of-nature that the leftists trying to take their places are going to have to attempt to use that to appeal to the English and British peoples.