Saturday, July 2, 2011

A moment of mourning on the volcano

From Fox:
2nd Dolphin Calf Dies at Baltimore's National Aquarium

BALTIMORE - The second of two bottlenose dolphin calves born in April at the National Aquarium has died.

The calf died Saturday -- less than a week after the first baby dolphin died.

Aquarium officials say the unnamed female calf's health began failing on Friday, and it died Saturday evening. The cause of death is unknown. Lab results are expected in the next two weeks.

Up to one-third of baby dolphins don't survive their first year, whether they're born in the wild or in captivity. Of the 14 calves born at the aquarium since 1992, five died within their first year, and two more died as juveniles.

Sue Hunter, the aquarium's director of animal programs, says in a statement that "this has been an extremely sad and difficult week."

The death of a couple of fish makes the news. We kill a million human calves babies each year in abortion clinics. The media response is silence. No headlines there. I'm sorry about the two dolphins,  and my heart goes out to the millions of babies.

I'm not saying that it's wrong to regret the death of innocent animals. I'm saying that neo-pagans lack standing to mourn the deaths of innocents. We're like Aztecs ritually slaughtering children wholesale, pausing to mourn the death of a puppy.

Our culture is sick.


  1. Pépé,

    All those numbers could have been.
    All those numbers were achieved with INTENT.
    How can this be described as ANYTHING but Evil.
    Truly sickening.

  2. You are perfectly right crusadeREX!

    Here is what the Catholic Church has to say regarding abortions.

    These words of wisdom should be written high and large for all to see.

  3. Dolphins are fish now?

  4. Anonymous said...

    Dolphins are fish now?

    Charly Darwin said we were all fishes once!

    What's your problem Anusmouse?

  5. Aren't you thankful, Anonymous, that your mother wanted you to live?

    You should be forever thankful of being alive, now in this life, and living forever in the next!

    When I see you in the next, I will give you a BIG hug…

  6. Yes fish were our ancestors but Dolphins are air breathing mammals like us that have live births.

    Egnor would rather my wife died than have the abortion she needed plus, if there is a god, why does he abort so many "babies".

    He is nice god though - he designed this planet so it wasn't finished and, like the other month, swallowed up 10,000 innocent Japanese just for fun.

    Gosh you people are so clueless about science.

  7. Pepe are you so completely clueless about how your brain works? Information in your brain is stored as chemical and electrical signals - when you die all the information is gone. There can be no afterlife.

    When your head gets run over by a train there are no soldiers to put Humpty's head back together again. No angels either.

    Again - scientific ignoramuses.

  8. bcstractor,
    I would suggest you read The Spiritual Brain.

    It is a very good remedy against scientism.

  9. Pepe - why would I read about such a book. I know how my brain works - like everybody else's.

    It stores information with electrical and chemical signalling. When it dies the information is gone.

    Do have evidence of memory continuing in the brain when it has been destroyed?

    I thought so - just wishful thinking.

    Sorry - but my job depends on facts. There are no "spirits".

  10. bcstractor said...
    Pepe - why would I read about such a book?

    To make you realize that you have a mind.

    Once you discover your mind, your brain will follow. You will be very surprised...

    All animals have a brain, only we, humans, have a mind.

  11. A significant percentage of pregnancies end in natural misscarriage, which makes Egnor's and Pepe's imaginary Sky Fairy the single most active abortionist on the planet.

  12. The death of the dolphin calves is news because there aren't that many dolphins left. Human numbers, however have been growing out of control for far too long.

  13. Humans are weird, aren't they. Millions of people die from starvation and disease every year and yet they seem to care that some new princess from England has lost some weight.

  14. Dolphins are not fish.

    Embryos are not babies.

    Charles Darwin never said that dolphins are fish.

    The Bible does not have a word forbidding infanticide, or sacrificing your children to Jehovah.

    How many babies did God kill in that flood of his?