Saturday, March 31, 2012

'Do you mean we have pay the $15,488,891,296,248?'

From Bloomberg:

Obama Campus Fervor Losing to Apathy as Students Sour on 2012

I guess they just found out about the individual mandate and the exploding federal debt.

The kids are realizing that the bill for Hope and Change has their names on it.

(HT: Instapundit)


  1. Michael,

    I wonder where you got the remarkably precise figure of $15,488,891,296,248? It wasn't in your linked article.

    That's about GDP for America in one year. Even assuming that the federal government is running a 10% deficit owing to the blunders committed by Bush in his two terms of office, including starting an illegal war in Iraq, and paying for it using the government credit card, and continuing the lax oversight of the financial sector for well over one term, that still would mean a debt considerably less than your figure.

    Your thread is a bit of a 'yawn, so what?'. The first time voters in 2008 don't seem as excited today because they have other concerns, such as looking for a job.

    By the way, there seems to be a persisting problem with the commenting, with comments disappearing into the Etherverse behind its event horizon.

    1. I started to read the comments, mostly from conservatives, but much more sensible than the ones who write here. One noted that the current deficit is $16 trillion, which sort of matches your figure. But went on to note that Bush left a deficit of $9 trillion and a very sick economy.

      The blame needs to be spread. America has either been misgovernment for at least three terms, or it's just entering a decline that historically all great powers enter at same time.

  2. "The kids are realizing that the bill for Hope and Change has their names on it."

    Actually, the bill is mostly the result of Bush inheriting a surplus and adding about $10 trillion to the national debt during his time in office. If I had to guess, I'd say that you were probably out there cheering him on the whole way along with most of the other faux debt hawks who sprung up in the last couple years.

  3. There you go, confusing Egnor with facts again.

    Don't you understand? Egnorance is not based on facts. Egnorance is based on prejudice, stupidity, slavish adherence to Roman Catholic dogma, and contempt for anyone who disagrees with Egnor. So it is impervious to reason and facts.

  4. "$15,488,891,296,248"
    Reminds me of my utility bills in Toronto 0.o