Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Mohamed Merah-- Man of the West"

Caroline Glick has a brilliant essay at Real Clear Politics on the Muslim murderer of the rabbi and the children at the school in France.


...The killer, Mohamed Merah, was not a lone gunman. He wasn't even one of the lone jihadists we hear so much about.  
He had plenty of accomplices. And not all of them were Muslims. 
An analysis of the nature of his crime and the identity of his many accomplices must necessarily begin with a question. Why did Merah videotape his crime? 
Why did take the trouble of strapping a video camera to his neck and filming himself chasing eight-year-old Miriam Monsonego through the school courtyard and shooting her three times in the head? Why did he document his execution of Rabbi Jonathan Sandler and his two little boys, three-year-old Gavriel and six-year-old Aryeh? 
The first answer is because Merah took pride in killing Jewish children. Beyond that, he was certain that millions of people would be heartened by his crime. By watching him shoot the life out of Jewish children, they would be inspired to repeat his actions elsewhere.
And he was surely correct.
Glick points out-- using many examples-- that Western elites consistently excuse and conceal Islamic anti-Semitism and violence:

IN ADDITION to denying, justifying and inciting jihadist violence, Western elites and authorities also engage in facilitating it and, after the fact, excusing it. In the case of Merah, although details are still unclear, it has been reported that he underwent jihadist training by al-Qaida in Afghanistan and was apprehended by Afghan authorities. 
Despite his ties to al-Qaida, either US or French military authorities decided he should be sent back to France even though he clearly constituted a danger to French society...
Together, the behavior of proud jihadist warriors of the West..., and the depraved silence, indifference and complicity of Western elites with their jihadist aims, form the physical and moral landscape of our time. And it is because of this evil mix of perpetrators and enablers that Merah's death is not a victory of justice.
Please read the whole thing. Excerpts can't do Glick's brilliant analysis justice.

She is right that anti-Semitic hatred and violence are driven by radical Islam (to which hundreds of millions of Muslims offer allegiance) and by a cadre of anti-Semitic and some just cowardly and opportunistic Western enablers.

In my view, Islamic anti-Semitism is on a par with Nazism, and I think that any objective perusal of Iranian and Palestinian and Egyptian Islamic Brotherhood rhetoric-- especially the rhetoric aimed at the Islamic masses-- confirms the Nazi parallels. Hundreds of millions of Muslims fervently pray for the annihilation of Israel, and pray implicitly for the annihilation of the Jews who live there, and elsewhere.

The reason that Islam has not matched the homicidal tally of Nazi Germany is not for lack of effort. It has much more to do with the relative military capabilities of Arab armies and the Wehrmacht than with any conciliatory intentions of radical Islam toward the Jewish people. And the Islamic world is acquiring weapons and wealth that will leverage their own meagre cultural and military prowess.

Mankind's oldest and most murderous hate is alive and flourishing. 


  1. All the more reason to replace oil as the dominate energy source ASAP.


  2. @KW,

    I fear excessive government intervention in economic matters almost as much as I fear Islam.

    We need to drill-baby-drill, get our own oil. As the supply diminishes, the market will respond with alternatives.

    Some of the power Islamists have acquired is the consequence of idiot environmentalists (you know who you are) who have forced us to be depoendent on foreign oil.

    1. The oil market is a world market. The price of oil isn’t affected by where it’s drilled. “Our” oil is no more or less expensive than “their” oil. Because our share of the world’s oil reserves is relatively modest, the increase in the global supply of oil due to an increase in domestic production will also be very modest. “Drill baby drill” will do nothing for our economy except enrich oil executives and oil company stock holders in the short term. This short term solution does nothing to address the long term problem. It actually makes it worse by leaving us in a less competitive position in the future.

      Then there’s global warming. The best place for oil is in the ground. But you don’t give a shit; it’s all just a giant conspiracy to destroy capitalism or some such nonsense. Fool.


  3. KW,

    I am not sure how oil production or green energy will combat the institutional anti-Semitism within the Islamic bloc. Are you suggesting that if we get another source of energy besides oil that Jihadists will cease to hate Jews?
    Maybe you just seek to impoverish those and thereby render them impotent? If it is the latter, you should really pick up a history book.
    You cannot win a war like this with economics. Whatever you do (pay them, or starve them) it will only empower the radicals. Sanctions of certain types may help, but in the end it comes down to a cultural war backed with the threat of real military action.
    A realistic approach would be something like: You ban/persecute our faiths and lifestyles in your nations, we heavily regulate yours in ours. You kill our children, we kill you and your leaders.
    That is the only discourse that has proven effective in this conflict.
    The Israelis understand this, and we should too.