Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A banner year for Planned Parenthood

Looks like the bad economy doesn't have everybody down.

Congrats On Your Banner Year ... In AbortionsMollie Hemingway, Ed. · 5 hours ago

You did it! You helped pay Planned Parenthood a record amount in taxpayer funding. For their part, Planned Parenthood performed a record number of abortions during 2011-2012. 
The Susan B. Anthony List breaks down the numbers from the PPFA annual report
During fiscal year 2011-2012, Planned Parenthood reported receiving a record $542 million in taxpayer funding in the form of government grants, contracts, and Medicaid reimbursements. Taxpayer funding consists of 45% of Planned Parenthood’s annual revenue. 
In 2011, Planned Parenthood performed a record high 333,964 abortions. 
You had a great year, you and Planned Parenthood, working together to perform one million abortions in three years! And don't forget all those adoption referrals -- the one for every 150 abortions performed -- great ratio! 
The mainstream media and pundit class helped spread the message that Planned Parenthood is all about contraception and mammograms, a remarkable feat for a group that performs, well, no mammograms. We can assume the media will not publicize that contraceptive services dropped by 12 percent since 2009. 
But we can rest assured that if anyone else tries to extricate itself from the abortion business, like Susan G. Komen did when it tried quietly to stop giving the group a few hundred thousand dollars a year, the media will go to bat for the abortion business. They almost assuredly will not mention that Planned Parenthood has reported $87.4 million in excess revenue and more than $1.2 billion in net assets. 
That can be our little secret. 
Just think what we can do next year, with your money and Planned Parenthood's abortion business and motivation (and continued Planned Parenthood intervention in federal races to the tune of $7 million a cycle!).

A third of a million American children did not live to see a birthday this year. To put it in perspective, the number of kids Planned Parenthood killed this past year was equal to a Newtown massacre in every state every day.

 And you paid for it.


  1. Considering the pro-abortion shift in the country due to the recent exposure Republican’s extreme views on women’s issues, let’s just hope some right-wing Army of God wacko doesn’t read this scurrilous piece and grab his AR-15 out of desperation. It’s a fact that over the past 40 years the majority of terrorist acts in the United States have been by pissed-off conservative white men. It’s time to disarm the Army of God.


    1. There has been no "pro-abortion shift"-- the CBS poll was skewed by the larger Democrat turn-out-- and Republican's views of women's issues aren't extreme.

      The extremest views are those of the occupiers in the White House-- abortion on demand at any stage, funded publicly, infanticide if the abortion is unsuccessful, Catholic Church-funded contraception, etc.

      Most terrorists in the US are white men, true. Most Americans are white, and the violent half of us are men. No surprised.

      Applying the term "conservative" to terrorists is kind of an oxymoron. It's like "traditionalist radical". Doesn't make sense. People who kill other people to terrify them and upset the existing order are not "conservatives". They are radicals, with various motives.

      The Left has of course been extensively involved in terrorism in the US. Democrats as well-- virtually all of the KKK terrorism has been Democrat terrorism. There have been some anti-abortion acts of terror, but hardly by "conservatives". And the anti-abortion terror acts were not pro-life. "Pro-life terrorist" is also an oxymoron.

      Rarely has anyone associated with terrorism reached the high levels of government. There's a fellow in the White House who has a decades-long association with terrorists (Ayers and Dohrn), and who actually started his political career in the living room of admitted terrorist bombers.

      The Democrats' last presidential candidate (Senator and soon-to-be Secretary of State Kerry) was at an executive council meeting of Vietnam Veterans Against the War in 1971 and participated in a discussion about assassinating congressmen and senators. Kerry did not report the discussion to police.

      So KW, this is how terrorism in the US works: Republicans help track down terrorists and bring them to justice. Democrats protect terrorists who advance their causes, and elect them to high office.

    2. There has been no "pro-abortion shift"-- the CBS poll was skewed by the larger Democrat turn-out

      Keep telling yourself that. I figure your prognostication on this is as accurate as your claim that all the political polls showing that Obama would win the election were wrong. As long as the political right keeps sticking its head in the sand about reality, you'll keep losing elections.

    3. Michael,

      And your evidence that John Kerry was present at the discussion of the proposal by Scott Camil to assassinate congressmen and senators during a 4 day meeting in 1971? He denies being there and says that he'd already resigned from the organization because it was too radical. Even if he had been present, the allegation is moot. The proposal had been rejected.

      Conservatives can engage in terrorism. If they want to return society to a conservative ideal that has disappeared from the 'existing order'.

    4. FBI informants placed Kerry at the meeting. Kerry voted against the measure, but did not report it to authorities.


      "The minutes, prepared at the group’s national office in New York, recount the actions taken by VVAW’s “emergency steering committee” during the four-day meeting, which ran from November 12 to 15, 1971. The minutes indicate that at the end of the day on Saturday, November 13, discussion turned to “national actions and other things.” The meeting is reported to have adjourned at 10 p.m. and resumed at 11 a.m. Sunday. The document goes on to say that the group passed a motion to hold a “national action… in 3 to 5 different sites.”The next entry in the minutes is, “John Kerry, Scott Moore, Mike Oliver and Skip Roberts resigned as national coordinators.” A later entry indicates that it was decided that the resignations and the decision on the “national action” should be reflected in all the group’s papers.

      According to Mr. Nicosia, the FBI documents and other records do not include any direct reference to the assassination plot. However, Mr. Nicosia said some informants who attended the Kansas City meeting warned the FBI of a “drastic move toward more violent actions.” "

      Kerry later claimed that he resigned from the organization prior to the meeting, which is an obvious lie, given that the VVAW minutes place him in the meeting.

    5. Michael,

      Even if it's true, it was 40 years ago. People change over decades. Even you yourself claim to have been a liberal and an atheist 10 years ago (not that I believe you).

      'Free Republic' isn't a credible source. I distrust informants. FBI informants in particular. FBI informants from 1971 especially.

      OK, if Kerry was at the meeting in 1971, then he was mistaken when he stated he wasn't when he was answering allegations over 30 years later. Memories are unreliable and largely confabulated. Even Ronald Reagan's memories of his WWII experiences have more to do with films he made or saw.

      The book 'the Invisible Gorilla' starts by asking the reader how, when, where etc he or she heard of the September 11 terrorist attacks. If you list the people you remember were with you at the time and ask them to do the same thing, they'll probably name a different list of people and give a different account.

      People remember very little about most events and either make up details unconsciously or take memories from other times. Even if they remember two events, often the order is reversed to give a preferred 'cause-and-effect', fitting in with personal beliefs, even if they'll completely unrelated.

    6. bach, how many conspiracies to assassinate government officials did you participate in as a young man, only to have now forgotten?

      Kerry should still be in prison.

    7. Michael,

      There was no conspiracy to kill government officials. It was voted down.

    8. And if the FBI had evidence of a 'conspiracy', then why didn't they prosecute? I distrust informants. They tend to tell you 150% of what they know and also tell you what you would like to believe (as happened in Iraq, with the bogus information of WMDs from Iraqi defectors).

  2. "Considering the pro-abortion shift in the country due to the recent exposure Republican’s extreme views on women’s issues.."
    Right. Okay. The anti-abortion lobby got all these women pregnant. It had nothing to do with their sexual lifestyles or the profitability of abortion as opposed to handing out free rubbers.

    "...let’s just hope some right-wing Army of God wacko doesn’t read this scurrilous piece and grab his AR-15 out of desperation."
    The mere grabbing of his rifle could actually make KW wet his bed. Meanwhile he plays with reactors, just like the wise and noble men at Fukushima.
    Fall out and nuclear waste: acceptable.
    AR15's: SCARY stuff.
    I mean, after all, they are black and have little knobby bits on the rails.

    "It’s a fact that over the past 40 years the majority of terrorist acts in the United States have been by pissed-off conservative white men."
    Really? Because to me it seems that 'domestic terror' is usually carried out by criminal gangs or self proclaimed 'anarchist' movements. Did the conservatives burn LA? Where the weathermen a conservative movement? The unibomber? Al Queda? The Mafia?

    "It’s time to disarm the Army of God."
    Eh? Has the tribulation begun for you, KW? Do you see the four horsemen out your window? Maybe cut back on the meds. Mr Obama may well be able to grab some guns in the urban and north eastern areas; he may even be able to ignite civil strife and convince some of your forces to go along with him - but, his ability to disarm supernatural entities during the apocalypse is seriously in doubt.

  3. Now for a comment on the subject matter!
    The Obamacare package, if I read it correctly, will fund such procedures without the need for PP. No need for 'clinics' when the hospitals will be forced to carry out abortions on demand.

    So... I wonder if PP will be folded into the standard medical system, or if it will remain as a kind of reinforcement for the eugenics policies.
    Maybe they will get into promoting and providing euthanasia and change their name to something more honest like 'planned homicide' or 'the culling institute'.

    Disgusting numbers, indeed.