Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"Demand a plan-- demand celebrities go f*ck themselves"

A very clever video based on a gun control ad made by a bunch of Hollywood stars-- people who, it seems, have made personal fortunes glorifying gratuitous gun violence.

Note to Hollywood stars: give back the tens of millions of dollars that you have personally made glorifying gun violence to millions of people, likely including Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, James Holmes, and Adam Lanza. Donate the money to the families of the kids killed by gun violence-- violence that you personally have glorified your whole career.

And when you tell ordinary people who haven't gotten rich glorifying gun violence that they can't own guns to protect themselves and their families, how about giving them the armed security teams that guard you?

How about voluntary gun-control in the movies? Oh, what's that you say... 'We'd love to, but then we'd make a lot less money...'

Hollywood stars get rich off of extolling gun violence, and then tell us ordinary people that we haven't been "anti-gun" enough. Gun laws apply to the little people. Not for the criminals, not for the journalists, not for the rich Hollywood elites.

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