Wednesday, January 23, 2013


  1. If medical and scientific advancement was simply proportional to the number of people available, Africa would be home to its fair share of advances. But of course that’s not the case. Given the state of science and technology today, the level of specialization and collaboration necessary to make advances leaves those with no, or poor, educational opportunities out of the game. The over one billion illiterate people in the world won’t be discovering anything.


    1. [The over one billion illiterate people in the world won’t be discovering anything.]

      So it's ok to abort as many of them as we like?

    2. “So it's ok to abort as many of them as we like?”

      It’s not up to us. I prefer “It’s ok for them to have as many abortions as they would like”. As far as I’m concerned, that should be true for everyone on earth


  2. The question should be - why do we have cancer, AIDS, hunger and social problems in the first place, with an all powerful God who wants well of humans?

    It's the height of incoherence to claim that God has only just decided now to do something to help humans, after humans have been on Earth for around 200,000 years and most of the 100 billion humans who have ever lived have never heard God's word.

    1. The question, bach, is why would you care about the fate of others if you are just a Darwinian meat machine?

    2. Michael,

      Humans are evolved social animals, selected by nature to have empathy with and to care for other members of our social groups. With the Enlightenment, the circle enclosing the social group has expanded to include all humanity.

      I don't care for your absolutely idiotic characterization of evolutionary biology. It is as incoherent as your theology.

    3. bachfiend here is a short video that will (and also describe) you:

      They are made of meat

  3. Stephen Hawkin could have been screened with the technology we have today.
    Beethoven would have been offered assisted suicide for his depression due to his loss of senses in several European nations (see the twins story).
    The list could go on and on.
    Are they the worthless foreign peasants that should be killed off so you folks can drive a nicer car, play with your electric toys, and brag about your increasingly worthless educations?
    Further, simply making bigoted comments about Africa and Africans is pathetic.
    You who are disciples of Darwin - where did mankind originate in your mythology?
    Where are the greatest monuments ever built?
    Not in California or New South Wales.

    Africa may be a savage region in many respects, but I have known many Africans (not just the hyphenated sort) in my day, and they are just as much men and have just as much a right to life as any of us soft and privileged 'first world' people.
    The African contribution to history is just as valid as any. That is unless you measure a man's worth by his ability to read.
    For my own part, that kind of arrogant elitism makes me sick.

    1. CrusadeRex,

      Well, we are all Africans. Humans evolved in East Africa. The greatest genetic diversity occurs in Africa. In comparison, the rest of humanity is inbred.

    2. Bach,

      That is at least a consistent approach.
      I don't buy the correlation as a proof of origins, myself - but I can see the logic in it.
      My point is not to dispute those ideas here, but to simply note that KW's remarks about African illiteracy are bunk. They do not make any sort of coherent sense, no matter your stance on origins. 'Genetic diversity' and large populations do not lead to stagnation or lack of progress. Generations of war and regression into savage patterns of life are the problem - not large African families.
      Preventing generations of Africans from being born is not the answer to Africa's problems.
      Consider the cultural decline of China under communist rule when compared to it's rich and extremely inventive Imperial past, for a contrast or comparison.

    3. bachfiend has a problem with understanding cause and effect!
      Let say backfiend sees two unrelated headlines:
      Headline 1: sales of nylon stockings are on the rise.
      Headline 2: teen pregnacies are on the rise.
      Here is bachfiend conclusions:
      1-Female teens should avoid nylon stockings.
      2-Nylon stockings manufacturers should not sell to teens.

      Seriously, the guy is that confused!

  4. The punishment for sin tends to be contained within the sin itself.

    The Western Nations no longer wanted to be "Christendum", and so they rejected their pasts, which made them what they are ... and so rejected their futures. So, of course they murder their children.